4 Things you Need to Know about a Composting Toilet

If you are thinking of buying a composting toilet, there are many things that you may want to know about these toilets before you can make a decision!

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What kinds of toilets are they? Where can you buy one? What kind of installation do you need to do for such a toilet? There and many other questions that could be lingering on your mind. The first thing you need to know is what kind of a toilet this one is. Well, a composting toilet, just like the name suggests, is a kind of a toilet that treats human waste through a process called composting. Under controlled conditions, the microorganisms turn the human excreta into compost and these toilets mostly do not use water for this process. They can actually be referred to as dry toilets. For you to learn more about these toilets, you can view Home Worthy List website before you make a decision to buy the toilet.

Here are 4 things you need to know about a composting toilet:

These Toilets Do not Smell

With proper maintenance, you can remodel your bathroom with a composting toilet will not emit any smells. The fans and the vents installed will move all unwanted smells out of your bathroom, your boat, your shed or your RV. The only smell that could be coming out of the toilet is an earthy smell. This is a smell that is similar to a nursery or a garden. The key here is that you should maintain the toilet and ensure that the fans and vents are properly and professionally installed.

They are Typically Inexpensive

A good composting toilet system can cost anything from $1,500.  They are not really cheap but they are also more pocket-friendly in the long run. When compared to the cost of installing a septic tank, you will prefer to install a composting toilet. A septic tank could cost you in excess of $10,000.  It would also cost more to repair its leach field. It may actually be impossible to install a septic tank if you live in areas with installation obstacles such as cliffs and solid rocky areas.

They are Environmental Friendly

The fact that most of these toilets use little water for flushing means that they are friendly to the environment and help in water conservation. As we all know, there is a big impact on water shortages all over the world. The big cities face water shortages as well. With the huge amounts of water used for the toilet system, having a toilet that uses little or no water at all makes the water conservation campaign a success.

A  Source of Compost for your Garden

This is yet another benefit that you may have overlooked. The fact that compost is the byproduct of handling the human waste through the compost toilet system means that you will benefit from the organic source of fertilizer for your garden and indeed for the farmers too. Compost is good for the production of bigger and much healthier plants such as flowers, trees, grass, and shrubs.

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