Seven Things to Know When Designing Your Kitchen

Thinking about redecorating your kitchen? Here are 7 things you should know about kitchen design!

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Kitchen is an important part of the house. Homemakers have to spend a few hours there every day. Many even prefer to sit in the kitchen for breakfast and lunch. It is a small space where you have to manage many small things. If you make one mistake while designing the kitchen, you will have to live with it for the rest of the life you spent in that house. Here I have shared some useful pieces of advice to help avoid any such mistakes.

Design a Virtual Kitchen

It will help you meet all your expectations if you can visualize the entire design with every little detail of the kitchen. However, not all of us have that photographic memory to do such planning. Try using Kaboodle to design a 3D virtual kitchen. This way, you can make any alterations you want in the soft copy until you get what you want and then invest in it.

Functions before Design

The kitchen should be attractive, but be sure to prioritize function over design. Those beautiful tiles won’t be any help if you can’t store anything or cook in the kitchen. It would be best if you first thought of the things you will have to store and how you will need to access them. Everything should be as close to you as possible to minimize the effort.

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Think from Storage Point of View

The most important function of the kitchen would be storage. You have to store a cooking range, microwave oven, probably fridge, and many other edibles. Consider how and where everything will be stored to make it easily accessible. It also depends on the things you will keep there because many people use a different storage room. You should think about it from the perspective of a cook who will actually work there.

Ensure You Have Enough Light

There should be more than enough light in the kitchen. If you can’t see clearly, you might mix things in your food that shouldn’t there. The light you have above the range or dining may not be enough. Be sure to try to lights at night and if you feel the brightness is not enough, change them or set new bulbs. Don’t just put all bulbs at one side; use them in all directions.

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Plan Space for Garbage

If there are food and work in the kitchen, there will obviously be garbage. You can’t keep the dust bin open and in front of you. No one would appreciate eating or cooking while seeing trash. Leave some space at a corner where you can keep the dust bin.

Slip Resistance Kitchen

Tiles are usually slippery. It is kind of become a fashion to use them in the kitchen, but there will be a risk of falling down. The kind of space kitchen is, it could cause some serious injuries. Make sure you don’t forget to use slip-resistant tiles or make the floor slip-resistant later.

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