How To Create The Perfect Home Office Environment

Now you’re working from home, you need to design a sanctuary that you enjoy spending a lot of time in!

When creating the perfect home office environment, prioritise the following; comfort, how to enhance your productivity and your general health and wellbeing.

Find a Quiet Corner

Whether you’re working from home as a freelancer or through a remote working program with a company, your productivity levels need to be hitting premium targets. That’s not always easy in a home environment, especially if you’re easily distracted. A spare back bedroom or a converted attack are the best options for most people. Ideally you want a room that looks out over the rear garden where there is less happening.

Try to avoid sitting near a window that looks out on to a street. People watching can really gnaw into your day without you even noticing. Also, don’t have a TV in the room and only listen to soothing instrumental music. If you have children at home, ask them to play quietly in another room.

Invest In An Ergonomic Chair and Accessories

Sitting in the same position for lengthy periods every day can damage your skeletal structure and leave you with a wide range of health issues later in life. To avoid posture-related problems, consider investing in an ergonomic chair with good back support and adjustable seating positions. Medical research suggests that adopting the right posture will reduce back pain and repetitive strain injury.

The recommended seating position at a desk is to keep your eye-line level with the computer screen and your arms at a 90-degree angle to the keyboard. If your feet don’t touch the floor, use a footrest and get a lumbar support pillow to help keep your spine straight.

Embrace Plant Life

As we discussed in an earlier article, various scientific studies conclude that houseplants provide several health benefits because they improve air quality and facilitate healing. Research performed by Harvard School of Public Health also discovered that being around nature helps reduce stress and increases cognitive performance. Plants also add an extra dimension to a room and look pleasing to the eye. They are not very expensive but can make a significant difference to how a room looks and feels.

Don’t Forget The Lights

Light has an impact on your general mood, health and the level of strain you put your eyes under. Natural light also has vital energy that nourishes the body with vitamins. Rooms with a large open window are ideal for creating the perfect home office environment. However, too much sunlight can make it difficult for you to see your screen and can damage your eyes. If you are studying from home, having the ideal lighting is a must. To make your life easier consider a service like and to make your life a little easier!

You therefore need to combine natural light with artificial light. Experts recommend a ratio of 1:5 in the favour of natural light. A reading light is ideal for after dark and wall lights help set the mood.

Be Smart With Your Space

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and small home offices can quickly become disorganised with files, pads, pieces of paper, books and maybe even boxes. A lack of orderliness is often caused by a lack of space, so to maintain an orderly home office you have to make the best use of space.

Tall, narrow bookcases and overhead shelves improve your space economy, whilst a corner desk opens up the room and makes it appear bigger. If you need professional assistance to create a home office, give the guys at over at Office Principles a call. They are experts at making the best use of space and creating an environment that benefits your mental and physical health.