How to Spring Clean Your House and Garden

After long months of the cold and harsh winter, the spring weather allows you to do a total revamp of the house, and this includes general cleaning of each corner of the house!

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Spring cleaning often requires sectioning and division of labour in terms of cleaning the whole house and compound. In the article, we highlight some ways that you can use to clean your house and garden.

Decluttering the Rooms

In winter, frequently, there is an increase in warm materials such as beddings and heaters to insulate the house. During spring, the favourable weather allows you to wear lighter clothes, and it is important to declutter the wardrobes and shoe racks. You can set the clothes away in a storage facility, or contact professional rubbish removers, like 1300 Rubbish. Additionally, you should change the sheets and beddings and air the mattress to ensure the room remains fresh.

In the rooms, it is important to open and remove the curtains and replace them with a new pair of sheers that allow enough light into the house. The pillowcases should be cleaned, and you can use the washing machine for these. This allows you to get rid of germs and dust faster.

Clean the Patio and windows

The patio and the door area frequently is inhabited by a lot of dust. Air drying the doormat and cleaning the patio area allows the front side of the house to sparkle more. Additionally, there is a lot of dust on the window seals and slides. Removing the curtains and carefully cleaning the window area reduces the cases of allergens, especially to individuals that are highly reactive to dust. The window glasses can be cleaning by the use of glass cleaner and some old newspapers as they are efficient in the removal of all grease and oils, leaving the windows sparkling.

Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathroom

This is one of the primary rooms that are used daily. In the kitchen, a lot of garbage can pile up, so it’s a good idea to stay on top of it. Additionally, in the kitchen, use the dishwasher to clean all the utensils as they ensure all the utensils are completely dry. In the bathroom, you need to check on the showerhead and the floor tiles and walls. To clean the surfaces, you can use vinegar, water, and baking soda to mop the floor and clean the bathroom tiles. The toilet can also use the above ingredients and incorporate some of the paste to clean stained crevices. The shower head needs to be soaked in vinegar to remove the rust or corrosion overnight as it ensures it is clean by morning.

Clearing the Lawn

The garden is part of the general cleaning. Frequently, spring is the best time to start planting the vegetable garden and growing a new lawn. The lawns often have overgrown and lost their cute designs and patterns. During the cleaning, it is key to trim the hedges and removal of dead grass and debris. This ensures the lawn appears neat.

Prepare the vegetable Garden

Spring is suitable for farming; therefore, preparing the vegetable garden in your backyard is vital. You need to remove any weed and debris from the garden. Additionally, adding fertilizer makes the soil more fertile and ready to plant the annual spring vegetables.

Spring cleaning is the ultimate form of general cleaning from side to side of the compound and the house. Doing a perfect and detailed cleaning allows the environment to be fresh and the house cosy over the season.

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