Refresh The Look Of Your Patio With Pool Mosaics

The end of the season is the perfect time to rethink backyard spaces, including the patio and swimming pool environments!

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Though temperatures may affect things like drying time for paint and plaster, there are still plenty of improvements that can go a long way to elevate your space. If it is time to resurface or redo your pool, why not upgrade the rest of your patio design? There are many simple and cost-effective things you can do to add interest and make your space feel more inviting–rearrange patio furniture, plant a focal tree or shrub and install pool mosaicsIn-pool mosaics are only one way to take advantage of these colorful features. Mosaic tiles come in glass, hand-glazed and screen printed varieties and are becoming increasingly popular for finishing kitchen and bathroom surfaces, tabletops, wall cladding, and decks. Regardless of the style, there is an option that is sure to enhance the appearance of your space that also fits your project budget.

Benefits of Pool Mosaics

There are reasons why modern landscapers and designers recommend mosaic tiles for pools and patios instead of other materials.

Vibrant Colors

Mosaic tiles come in multiple colors and can add timeless beauty and sophistication to your swimming pool using different head-turning stylish combinations. For instance, glass reflects light and gives your pool a great visual appeal. The sparkle also makes your space appear more expansive. What’s more, your pool can be more magnificent at night if you install glow-in-the-dark glass mosaics. These are specially manufactured luminescent tiles that absorb sunlight during the day and radiate it for several hours in the dark. They provide a unique way to make your night swim more visually exciting.

Mildew and Stain Resistance

One of the most significant benefits of surfacing a swimming pool with glass mosaic tiles is their resistance to molds and algae. If properly installed, the surface remains in pristine condition for years. While you can’t avoid pool cleaning altogether, you will stay longer without necessitating a major scrubbing.

Stress-Free Cleaning

Mosaic tiles are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe any dirt using a wet rag and a mild detergent. The hard surface resists chemical damage, prolonging the service life of the swimming pool. It responds well to skimmers and vacuums, so you can spend more time enjoying the pool instead of cleaning it.

Low Maintenance

The initial cost of installing mosaic tiles is usually higher than typical materials like plaster, but it ends up more cost-effective in the long run. When it comes to swimming pools, tiles are among the most long-lasting surfacing materials. Pool mosaics are easier and less expensive to repair compared to plaster. You can easily replace a broken or chipped tile individually without interfering with other pool surfaces. If a plaster surface develops cracks, you may have to resurface the entire pool.

Health and Safety

The smoothness of the mosaic tile is comfortable to the feet and skin. The waterline tile and coping have a non-slip surface that enhances your safety when entering or getting out of the pool. Another benefit of pool mosaics is that they don’t overheat due to exposure to the sun. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about burning your feet on a hot summer afternoon. If you want to keep your patio or poolside healthy, mosaics won’t disappoint. The tiles are non-toxic and environmentally friendly – and since the pool will require minimal repairs, you can rest assured of a neat, debris-free pool area. Be sure to check your product description before purchasing to ensure your style choice is rated for freezing if you’re in areas that freeze.

Limitless Pool Mosaic Art

Mosaic tiles present endless art and design possibilities for swimming pool owners. The extensive assortment of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures enables designers to create stunning images of virtually anything. You can choose exciting pool design options like:

  • Dolphins to create a lively and fun mood
  • Turtles to show your environmental awareness
  • Medallions to bring out the classical vibe
  • Gray tile shades to give a superior 3D appearance to designs

Design options are endless when using small pieces of mosaic tiles. The glass and water reflect and refract light, resulting in a fascinating optical effect. With each tile glistening individually, the pool looks like a vault of precious metals.

Customization and Personalization

Pool mosaics eliminate mundaneness in patio and pool construction projects. Instead of fitting the usual blue ceramic tiles, use hand-glazed tiles to personalize your pool steps, walls, and benches to your liking. With tiles sizes ranging between 10mm and 50mm, you can overcome the landscaping challenges of non-planar surfaces. You’ll find the right sizes to apply on slopes and curved pool walls for a smooth finish. Today printing technologies have taken glass mosaics aesthetics a notch higher. You might want to have the picture of a loved one on your swimming pool floor, which is possible with screen-printed glass tiles.

Thermal Shock Resistance

The relatively high thermal shock resistance of mosaic tile is a plus in its use for pool surfacing. The material is also heatproof and frost-resistant. It can withstand gradual or sudden temperature fluctuations without cracking or shattering, making it ideal for hostile weather. For this reason, glass mosaic tiles minimize the chance of injury to swimmers.

Glass Is Non-Porous

Unlike plaster, pool mosaic tiles designed explicitly for pools don’t have the pores that cause water absorption. This attribute makes them ideal for swimming pools and patio surfaces in wet environments. In other words, the tiles are not only a decorative covering but also a sealant that prevents leaks inside the swimming pool. Glass tiles inhibit microbial growth, which is notorious for causing the decomposition of pool flooring material.

Full Pool Mosaics versus Waterline Tiles

Swimming pools are quite costly. Therefore, it’s essential to make your investment worthwhile in the long term. In a bid to cut costs, many homeowners build concrete pools and fit them with waterline tiles. Is it the best route to take? Waterline tiles help to cope with the floating, insoluble grime on pools that results from impurities like pollen, lotion, and body oils. If left unchecked, it forms a scum ring on the swimming pool walls between the water and air boundary. You can clean the mess effortlessly when you have waterline tiles.

Cover the Entire Pool with Mosaics

However, installing patterned glass mosaic tiles in the entire pool offers more advantages, as explained above. Besides easy cleaning and upkeep, the tiles are incredibly durable, easy on your feet, and more glamorous than any other surfacing material.

Since the surface is non-reactive to corrosives, the swimming pool doesn’t decompose. You also require fewer chemicals and less effort to restore the pool to mint condition.

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