The Ultimate Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Spruce up your Thanksgiving this year with these super easy decorating ideas!

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is a big job to take on. You’re in charge of all of the main dishes; you’re the go-to goddess of entertainment; you’re the one mediating turbulent table topics; and on top of all of that, you still have to make your home look festive and presentable!

If the thought of cooking turkey and creating a Thanksgiving tablescape that rivals Martha Stewart sounds overwhelming, you’re in the right place. We’ve found the ultimate Thanksgiving decoration ideas to help make hosting a breeze. From stunning centerpieces to quick crafts, we have plenty of decorative solutions you’ll love.

Natural Elements

One of the best parts about the autumn season is the beauty of the outdoors. From the changing colors to the crisp fall breeze, there’s something really special about nature during this time of year. As you prepare your tablescape for Thanksgiving dinner, take inspiration from all of the natural beauty around you! Fall leaves and Thanksgiving flower centerpieces are both excellent ideas to help you bring the magic of the season right into your home.

In addition to plants and florals, you should also include other natural accents in your Thanksgiving home decor. Pumpkins, gourds, a burlap runner, and picked wheat all make for lovely fall-themed accents that will take your tablescape from Pinterest-y to stunning.

Menu Display Ideas

Show off your hard work in the kitchen and display your artistic talents by creating your own menu display for Thanksgiving dinner. With some fancy script (or decent penmanship), paint, and a canvas you can make a simple and informative decoration to complement your autumnal decor. As far as the canvas goes, you can really use anything, but pumpkins are a really fun and festive choice!

Festive Place Cards

Thanksgiving place cards are the perfect accompaniment to your holiday decor, especially if you don’t have much time between basting the turkey and mashing mashed potatoes. Plus, you can have a little say over who sits where in case you need to separate any grumpy relatives.

Thanksgiving Cookout

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region with enjoyable fall weather, why not enjoy the great outdoors this year? Set up a long dinner table, bring out some cute blankets and lanterns and celebrate while you marvel at this unique setting.

Minimalist Design

There’s something about minimalist design that’s just so elegant. If your home decor is already pretty simple, you’ll probably want to follow the same trend when setting your Thanksgiving table. But remember, simple can definitely be classy! Here’s how you can get the look.

  • Use gold flatware to easily elevate your minimal (but romantic) table settings
  • Tie a rosemary sprig to each guest’s cloth napkin
  • Place white pumpkins throughout the table
  • Give each guest a card to have them fill out what they’re thankful for

Have the Kids Craft

If Thanksgiving dinner has you all tied up this year, why not have the kids take care of the decorations? It will keep the occupied—and out of the kitchen—and they’ll have fun doing it!

Some easy Thanksgiving crafts include:

  • Painted pumpkins
  • Construction paper hand turkeys
  • Paper wreaths
  • Weaving
  • Painted rocks and leaves
  • Mason jar turkeys
  • Pine cone turkeys
  • Turkey place cards

Rustic Tablescape

Rustic is a cute and thematic way to go when it comes to decorating for Thanksgiving dinner. Using elements from the outdoors like leaves, flowers, wood, and decorative gourds, combined with rich textiles like burlap or wool, you can create a tablescape that looks like it’s right out of a magazine.

To take it a step further, pick out your dinnerware from a local thrift shop to create a mix and match table setting that your guests will surely marvel over.


Over the last few years, Friendsgiving has become a popular trend among friend groups across the U.S. Besides getting to have Thanksgiving dinner twice, it’s also a fun excuse to get dressed up and have fun with your friends. When it comes to Friendsgiving decor, why not celebrate your friendship for all to see? Print out photos from your favorite memories and display them throughout your tablescape for a fun trip down memory lane.

Final Notes

Use these decorative tips to help you make your Thanksgiving dinner—and design—a surefire hit!