4 Safety Protocols to Take With Your New Home

Moved into a new home? Here are some important things to look for in regards to safety!

Purchasing a home is an exciting opportunity to start fresh with your family, spouse, partner, or even just by yourself. When it comes to the priorities people put on their list of new home must-haves, a safe and quiet neighborhood is generally near the top. Even for those who are going looking for a city flat or downtown condo, safety and security measures are often a strong consideration. If you can’t feel safe in your home, you won’t be able to enjoy your space, you will live with stress and worry, and your mental and physical health can suffer. There are many things you can do to improve your feelings of security once you move into a new home, and addressing them as soon as possible can help give you peace of mind.

1. Research the Neighborhood

Before you even look at a house or condo, do your research on the area. A real estate agent will be able to share information with you, but looking at a city or county website might tell you a lot more. If there are crime watches established in the community, this is often done as a proactive measure to ward off unwanted visitors.

2. Hire Professionals

There are several companies that provide remote watch services and help keep a watch on your property. Companies like ADT provide you with alarms for windows or doors, but they also carry motion sensor alarms as well. Triggered alarms issue a call to law enforcement, which is beneficial if your family is out of town. Xfinity, although known as a cable and internet provider, is also offering a similar service. They will install the alarms and have the signals transmitted their reps, where they can then take swift action to alert the right people of potential danger. Posting the advertising signs from the company that the home is under 24-hour watch is also a deterrent.

3. Use Video Monitors or Remote Viewing

There are some security devices that can help prevent unwanted entry to your property or home, as video surveillance can instantly alert you to motion detected wherever a camera has been set up. Would-be thieves might see the video cameras and instantly change their minds, but if not, your ability to watch a monitor from the safety of inside your home and call the police will certainly stop them in their tracks. Systems like Ring or Arlo also have smartphone apps and deliver real-time sensor updates or notifications depending on how you have set up the system. Some of the cameras have two-way communication, allowing you to speak or warn intruders without even being home.

4. Install Privacy Fencing

If you want a more comprehensive way to block people from entering your property, installing a privacy fence around the perimeter is an idea. It is a costly investment and only works for those with the finances and the property to allow such a security measure. For those with remote locations or isolated from close neighbors, fencing and professional alarm support can be two great options for protecting your home from burglary. If you live in a condo or need a more economical solution, the remote viewing, self-install options like Arlo or another are highly recommended.