5 Design Tips to Make Your Home Unique

Make your home stand out with some of our favorite design tips for the season!

Following the latest design trends is an excellent way to make your home look great. However, many people keep up with the design industry, meaning there’s a high chance your place closely resembles other properties. As a result, your house may be elegant, but it may also lack unique flair. Luckily, you can avoid this with a few simple decoration tips. Here are the five things you should do:

Personalize the Place

The most effective way to make your home special is to add items of personal importance. The list can include:

  • Favorite pictures
  • Stamp collections
  • High school jerseys
  • Kids’ art
  • Ticket stubs

Whatever you choose, it’ll add a unique touch to the area. It’ll also turn the place into a source of creativity and inspiration, especially if the items are displayed deliberately and well-organized.

Hang Art or Pictures Below Windows

Although windows add a lot of light to your room, too many can make it hard to customize the area. But this doesn’t mean working around windows is impossible. On the contrary, a simple way to customize your house is to hang pictures or artworks below the frames. It balances window-heavy rooms and adds a fantastic focal point.

Turn Plywood Into Corner Cabinets

The corners of rooms often leave a lot of unused space. To take advantage of it, use some plywood or similar materials to produce an attractive corner cabinet. It can perfectly fit into your interior and serve as extra storage. You can also use corner cabinets for creative accessories. For instance, Floately’s Volta works great as a decorative light source. It’s a levitating LED bulb that produces mesmerizing effects and doesn’t cause a spike in your electricity bills.

Add Plants

Plants can be a massive upgrade to any room in terms of color and texture. The most popular option is to put them on tables or cabinets. In this case, Floately’s Airsai may work like a charm. It’s a rotating plant pot that spins 360 degrees to provide your flowers with equal sunlight exposure. Alternatively, you can opt for hanging plants. This method breathes new life into the area without taking up table or floor space, which is critical for smaller homes. They can also serve as focal points, like chandeliers.

Jazz Up the Front Door

The front door often creates the first impression of your home and significantly contributes to its curb appeal. To make it stand out from other doors, paint them in bright colors. It’ll draw more positive attention to the place and make it more inviting. There are numerous options when it comes to the color of your door. If you want to impact people’s subconscious, you can go for blue or green. The former indicates peace and trust, while the latter stands for growth and stability.

Revamp Your Home Without a Hitch

By following these easy tips, you can make your home both unique and brimming with positivity. Let your imagination run wild, and you’ll quickly transform the place. For more interior décor inspiration, they offer a bevy of striking items that can enhance your abode. visit Floately’s website: www.floately.com