10 Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Good Working Condition

Maintaining your air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do this summer. Here are some tips!

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The air conditioning (AC) unit deserves special care and attention since it’s responsible for keeping your home a comfortable space throughout the year. It’s one of the most hardworking systems in your home! The air conditioning unit requires regular care and maintenance so that it’ll function efficiently at all times. Sadly, continuous use and aging will take a toll on them. If you want your AC unit to function optimally, here are several tips to keep it in good working condition for several years:

1. Find The Right Unit Size 

The suitable air conditioning unit depends on the cubic feet of space it needs to cool. Thus, such is a crucial factor when selecting a new AC unit. When one unit has a rating for a small area, it’s likely to strain to cool the air in large spaces. As a result, it’ll wear out rapidly and work harder to comply with the demands of the thermostat. Figuring out whether to purchase a small or large air conditioner can be challenging for some homeowners, but it’s crucial to get the right one. If you’re considering getting a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) unit to save on the utility costs and boost energy efficiency, checking out sites like https://www.ptacinc.com/new-ptac-units-for-sale would greatly help.  

2. Cover The Windows With Curtains Or Blinds 

If you want your AC unit to function optimally, one of the easiest ways to help cool your home efficiently is to use window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, to block out the sun. As the sun rises, it contributes to the warmth within your home, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. Close the curtains and blinds during the morning and open them later to achieve the best cooling. 

3. Clean The Filters Regularly 

One way to ensure that your air conditioning system works optimally is to clean the filters regularly. It’s best to clean the filters every two weeks or, at least, once a month. Turn off the unit before removing the filters. When cleaning, you can either vacuum or wash them in sudsy water. Once the filters thoroughly dry up, place them back and turn on your unit.  

4. Inspect The Vents For Any Blockage 

Augment the efficiency by ensuring that the vents are free of blockage due to debris. As part of regular maintenance, inspect the vents around your home, usually on the floor or the ceiling. Eliminate debris in the indoor air supply vents. Remember that this task is vital to ensure a continuous flow of air throughout the system. Even if you regularly dust and vacuum, the vents can end up with blockage due to furniture, toys, rugs, or even blinds.

5. Clean The Coils  

One of the crucial elements to prioritize during maintenance is the coils. Both the evaporator coil and condenser coil in your air conditioning unit can end up with dirt and debris throughout the years. The presence of debris can diminish the airflow and cause the coil to become insulated, which significantly lowers its capability to soak up heat. These issues can make the cooling system inefficient in the long run, and, as a result, you’ll face a skyrocketing utility bill.  

6. Inspect The Fins 

Don’t forget to provide regular care to the outdoor unit during your routine maintenance. Check the fins for any buildup of debris and dirt. You can remove the exterior cover from the unit and eliminate any dirt or debris with a vacuum. Use a garden hose to get rid of leftover debris. Once the fins are free from any dirt or debris, carefully inspect for sections with bent fins since they can impede the airflow. Utilize a fin comb to straighten the fins.

7. Keep The Outdoor Unit Free Of Dirt And Debris  

When excess dirt and debris accumulate around the outdoor unit, it can result in issues during the summer.  

Make it a priority to remove leaves, branches, and other debris around the unit. Cut shrubs and tree branches to prevent them from blocking the flow of air to the unit. When you have vegetation nearby, make sure that it’s two feet away from all sides of the outdoor unit to prevent any blockage.  

8. Install A Programmable Thermostat 

If you want to ensure the efficient operation of your AC unit, a programmable thermostat will surely come in handy. You can regulate the temperature for different times and automatically lower the temperature when you need it the most. In the long run, it’ll help you save on your monthly utility bill and efficiently control the cooling in your home.  

9. Repair Any Leak

When there are leaks in your home, especially in the attic, under the doors, and around windows, it can significantly affect the efficiency of your AC unit. The cool air in your home will have exit points where they can move outside.  

10. Yearly Checkup 

One of the ideal ways to keep your air conditioning unit in good working order is to hire a professional. A professional will perform an inspection and deal with any problem along the way. Generally, a maintenance checkup will involve examining all the crucial elements to ensure that they’re all working optimally.  


A comfortable home isn’t possible unless you have an efficient and functional air conditioning unit. If you want to keep your home comfortable and cool at all times, make the most out of these tips to keep your AC unit in good working order. When your AC unit is operating optimally, it’ll ensure a cool and comfortable home for years to come.