Your 3-Step Guide to Refurbishing Your Home, Farmhouse Style!

The authentic farmhouse interiors are a wonder to the eyes. From the old-fashion furnishings to the overall aesthetic, the farmhouse style is a raging design trend!

Photos By: Pexels

It is a beautiful blend of minimalistic, alongside vintage undertones. If you wish to add a quick makeover to your home, today is the best day to learn about the concept of farmhouse interior decors. It is classy, chic, and ticks all the boxes for the cottagecore aesthetic. 

How to Integrate the Farmer’s Home Aesthetic Into Your Modern Apartment?

The trick to integrating vintage and traditional homely decor is to find furnishings that fit well. These should “seem” old but not tattered. These fittings can help decorate your home with the countryside vibes. So, to add the rustic decor, let us learn a little more about the 3-step guide to refurbishing your home.

1. Understand the Characteristics of a Farmhouse

When looking for farmhouse furnishings, check for the following characteristics:

  • Antique: The furnishing’s look and feel should be worn out, discolored, and old. 
  • Cottagecore: It can be comfortable, snug, and homely. The aim is to add a touch of rustic nostalgia.
  • Organic: Cotton, jute, linen are part of most of the soft furnishings.
  • Lighter Colors: White, wheatish, and simple lines over linens add to the vintage charm. 

2. Recognize the Farmhouse Elements

Farmhouse materials are all the crucial basics of any old-time furnishings. They help add a fortified base for decorative interior additives. 

  • Wood: It is natural, durable, and adds to the vintage charm of the farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Galvanized Metal: This material is a well-known favorite among cottagecore enthusiasts. You can find buckets, plants, fans, chairs, stools, watering cans, and more. They add a nostalgic faded charm to every product.
  • Iron Stone: Ironstone products are sturdy and durable. Being an old-time China, it is most sought-after for its decorative vases, dishes, trays, and more. 

3. Acquaint Yourself With the Fabrics

The farmhouse aesthetic is all about a breathable, comfortable, and light atmosphere. Hence, the fabrics play a pivotal part in knitting the furnishing pieces together. 

  • Linen: Linen is a natural fabric with high durability and comfortable breathability. They reflect a classic elegance with a touch of simplicity. You can look for linen bed fabrics, table cloths, and more. 
  • Grain sack: Grain sack as a material was well-known for helping farmers carry their products and retain them for longer. They are rustic, durable, and nowadays available as table runners, napkins, sitting poufs, pillows, and more. 
  • Lace: Lace is a vintage beauty. Its association with romance and comfort adds to the love for the cottagecore farmhouse aesthetic. Its luxuriously soft feel and lightweight make it a must-have for farmhouse enthusiasts. Not to forget, its slightly translucent texture deems it a perfect solution to living room curtains. Lace helps to bring a calming hint of sunlight while keeping the room cool and comfortable.
  • Cotton: Cotton is about comfort. It is lightweight, durable, organic, and affordable. You can find a cotton duvet, cushions, curtains, towels, and more at throwaway prices. Cotton, while all about the vintage looks, has lower chances of wrinkling. You can find lightly hued pillow covers, curtains, sofa covers, and more to revamp your homes. 

Why Do We Love the Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is much revered because of its simplicity. Its warm tones and homely beauty attract those looking to add a welcoming vibe to their humble abode. It is organic, versatile with the right amount of country styles. 

The farmhouse aesthetic is about connecting to nature and building up a home’s warmth through organic vintage charm. So if you are looking to revamp your home with simplistic tones of beauty and comfort, try the farmhouse aesthetic.