Top Tips from Furniture At Work® for Organising Your Home Office Desk to Boost Productivity

Keeping an organised desk can be one of the best ways to boost productivity at work!

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Studies have found that the average person can lose up to an hour every day if they do not keep things organised. It takes less time to get and stay organised than it does to try and work in a cluttered environment. The desk is the command centre of any office, whether it’s a workstation in a busy work environment or a single desk in a home office. The right layout can help you to stay on top of things, improve both physical and mental health, and increase productivity significantly.


The ideal position for a computer monitor is approximately 17 inches in front of the eyes and at the right height to look at comfortably without having to move the head up or down. Many of us work on laptops – placing them on a riser and using an external keyboard helps maintain proper posture while working. A riser can also be used for a regular monitor to create more space on the desk for documents, or as a place to store the keyboard when not in use.

White Space

Maintaining a clear area of white space on the side of the dominant hand means you will always have somewhere to put papers for reviewing or signing.


Your telephone should also always be kept on the same side of the desk as your dominant hand. This helps to prevent unnecessary twisting and turning throughout the working day, which in turn helps to reduce strain on the back, neck and shoulders.

Filing System

A good filing system does not have to be overly complex. It can be as simple as keeping folders with relevant papers close at hand and having a shelf or unit where other papers can be stored away. A rolling cart can be useful for times when things need to be moved around a lot and can be slotted away conveniently when not in use.

Utilise the Available Space

Even the smallest desk can provide enough room for the necessary work provided all available space is utilised. Cubbies and spaces underneath the desk may be handy for storage. On top of the desk, try to keep only what is currently being used and have a storage space for everything else.

Minimise Clutter

Having a good clear-out before attempting a desk organisation means you will only need to find homes for those items that are essential. Recycle old papers, get rid of old coffee cups, and try to only have the things you are using out at any one time. Experts suggest having no more than three personal items on your work desk to reduce the chance of you becoming distracted.

Organise Wires

Unruly bundles of wires and trailing cables can quickly make even the tidiest of spaces seem cluttered and disorganised. Use cable ties and other tools to keep wires together as much as possible and as out of sight as the available space allows. If the desk has gaps to feed wires through then use them rather than having cables trailing across the desktop.

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