Beginner Gardening Gear You Might Have Forgotten

Are you taking a passion in gardening this year? Here is some basic gardening gear that you need to own before you start!

Photos By: Unsplash

If you are just getting into gardening, either for food or just to create some nice flowers, then it helps to know that you have got everything you will need to grow plants comfortably and consistently. However, many people start digging up their grass or planting the seeds only to realize that they have forgotten something vitally important.


Gloves are easy to overlook, but having some can help you avoid all kinds of garden issues. Dealing with weeds? Pull them out with gloves. Handling barbed wire to stop animals from eating your plants? Use gloves to protect yourself. Digging out some dirt with your bare hands? Gloves keep you perfectly clean.

Thicker gloves are extremely protective and can become a staple of your gardening setup, but even a thin pair can help you stay clean and stop stinging plants from harming you. Some might even be able to shrug off accidental cuts with your knife or a small pair of shears, meaning that you aren’t going to put yourself in as much danger if you are cutting a lot of plants at once.

Rakes and Hoes

Rakes are more useful than most people think, especially when planting and farming in your own garden. The ability to rake away leaves and foliage, loosen soil, and even (sort of) till particular areas of the ground is something that any gardening, farming, or nature-loving hobbyist will find useful. They also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with sturdier ones being so versatile and durable that they see frequent use on actual farms.

Hoes are similar in theory, but they can do very different things depending on the type you end up choosing: some are meant for cutting weeds, others can be perfect for digging trenches, and a few have even been designed to take on multiple tasks at the same time.


A spade or shovel is great for digging out large areas of dirt, but a trowel is far more nimble and gives you a few more options when dealing with smaller plants. Not only are they great for excavating spaces in preparation for re-planting something, but they are also ideal for construction, weeding, breaking up solid earth, getting plants out of the ground without severing the roots, and generally performing precise jobs that a shovel can’t.

It is not hard to get hold of cheap trowels, and you usually only need one to keep yourself covered for quite a long time. Remember that a trowel can also double as a tool for splitting wood, roots, and other plants in half if you do not have any other options.

A Greenhouse

There are very few plants that won’t benefit from a good greenhouse, especially if you are farming fruit and vegetables that require warmer temperatures. While that might not be a problem during hotter months, greenhouses are not just for increasing temperature: they are also a good way to protect plants from pests, wind, and rain. On top of that, they come in many shapes and sizes, meaning that you get to choose one that is suited to your specific needs and garden size.

Keep in mind that a greenhouse is not always a full walk-in shelter. If you want to keep things low-key and just protect a few plants, you can always set up tiny greenhouses that cover a single row of plants, or even build one yourself if you really have to. You can click to view garden greenhouse styles and ideas – some of them might surprise you with how versatile they can be.

Water Storage

A watering can is an obvious thing to have when gardening, but you may be surprised by how many people do not own one. Without something that can hold water and pour it out in a controlled way, it is easy to end up over-watering plants and leaving them to drown. On the other hand, not having a decent container at all can make watering your plants incredibly hard, especially if you have to make multiple trips back inside the house.

It does not necessarily have to be a larger watering can or even a high-quality one, but having something that can contain and spray water effectively makes a massive difference when you have more than a few plants to handle at the same time.