Don’t Do These 6 Things If You Want to Sell Your House

It’s not always an easy process when we want to sell our homes. We may struggle to know what to do, or to know whether to accept or reject an offer!

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Added to that, many people don’t know how to present their homes properly. At one extreme someone may pay lots of money to redecorate their house, and at the other they may show people around somewhere that’s full of clutter and broken items. When people put their homes on the market they are trying to sell their biggest asset. Any mistakes could have big financial implications. This article has been written to tell you seven things to avoid when doing so. 

1. Sabotage The Sale

If the realtor is doing the viewings, make sure no one else is at home. They can then be free to do their job, without an inexperienced home owner interrupting and saying unwise things. A potential buyer may ask the seller why they want to move. It won’t be helpful if they reply, ‘The wiring is wrong, it’s always cold here and the rooms are too cramped. Plus the traffic is too noisy’. It’s also important to not rule out the different ways you can sell the property. Besides using real estate agents, there are also people who will buy for cash. The specialists at say such options may help people who need to sell quickly or who have become bankrupt. It may be that the house is in a bad neighborhood or there is the trash that needs hauling away. In these scenarios cash buyers may still be interested in buying. 

2. Assume People Love Pets Or Children 

Some people have a fear of dogs or are allergic to cats. They may be afraid there are fleas in the house or be put off by pet odors. It’s therefore wise to ensure your furry friends are not around during the viewing. Make sure the rooms and carpets have been cleaned to remove any unwanted smells. Check with a neighbor beforehand, as homeowners are often oblivious to their own pets’ smells. Use an air freshener in each room or put out some freshly cut flowers.  

Not everyone likes children either, so take them out of the house and remove any toys that have been left around. People want to imagine themselves living in your house, so don’t display family photos on the walls either. 

3. Leave Clutter Everywhere

Whilst you may be okay with it, viewers will be put off. If there are magazines on tables, toys on sofas and shoes on the floor they may walk the other way. If a home looks untidy it will make the visitor think the house has been poorly maintained. What potential buyers want is a blank canvas so they can picture their own furniture being there. It won’t help if every bedroom is packed with junk. The bathroom and kitchen are the two key rooms for any viewer, so make sure they are especially clean and tidy. 

4. Argue With The Real Estate Agent Over Price

It’s important to appreciate that these professionals often have years of experience behind them. They may access both the current details of the housing market and historical price information too. They will study your neighborhood and road, and especially houses like yours before they decide on a selling price. 

5. Refuse To Negotiate

If a seller refuses to budge from the asking price, it may endanger their chances. When a lower offer is made, it’s important to decide whether it’s worth accepting or not. The reduction may be minimal, and a refusal will obviously delay the date that you can move elsewhere.  The best course of action is to reply with a counter offer. This way you may get more than they have suggested, even if it is lower than the original sale price. Having said that, don’t allow people to exploit you. They may think you are too deep into the process to pull out now if they try and change their offer. 

6. Don’t Spend Too Much Money On Upgrading 

It is important to fix obvious issues such as cracked paint or broken windows. A fresh coat of paint indoors may also increase your success in selling. Don’t go too mad, however, as many people redecorate their new homes when they arrive. 

When a person avoids the pitfalls and fully prepares their home for the viewings, they will be in a good position to sell. Hopefully, a fair deal will be agreed, and you can move into an exciting new house soon.