How Can you Remove Silicone Sealant and Make Your Home Look Well Furnished?

Whether it’s our living room or the bathroom, we always want to protect the tiles, the shelves, etc. To do so, the easiest solution is to use silicone sealant!

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If you are renovating your home, silicone sealant is one thing you will definitely be using. Applying it is easy but removing it can be a little tricky. Follow our tips on how you can easily remove it from your home, start with new renovations, and finally start decorating your home!

It comes with many benefits and it doesn’t matter what kind of surface it is applied on. Nevertheless, good things come to end. But the stains and leftover of silicon seal never leave the surface properly itself. To remove the silicone seal from the surfaces of your house and make it look elegant again, you need to follow this article!

A Blade

To get rid of the silicon seals, you need to buy a flat-bladed knife first. Make sure to remove the sharp edges of the blade with the help of an abrasive paper. You need to do this so that you don’t harm any plastic or vulnerable surface with the sharp edges of the blade. This will prevent any coating from getting harsh scratches.

Be Gentle and Take the Precautions

Once your knife is ready, rush to get your safety glasses first. Wear them and take all the necessary precautions before getting to the main part. Now calmly start cutting the silicone sealer from the place where it meets the surface. Find the best spot for cutting. Be gentle while doing this, and get deeper once you feel you are removing it fine. 

Silicone Removers

One major solution would be to use a silicone sealant remover. Silicon sealant removers have proved to be a reliable solution for removing silicon from the surfaces. These solutions when applied on the silicon surface weakens the silicon bonds. This makes it easy to remove them with a knife without facing many hurdles. Apart from that, it is advised that you apply some kind of solvent cleaner on the silicone surfaces before removing it. These cleaners weaken the strength of the silicon and when applied gently, the silicone grip loosens up. After a few minutes, you can rub all the silicon off with any scraper or knife, that too quite easily.

Say No to WD40’s

You may have read it on the internet or watched videos on YouTube suggesting you to use WD40 to remove silicone from the surface. Well, don’t listen to any of them as WD40’s can prove to be the worst silicone removers. We suggest you use any quality silicone remover instead that will make your task easy and less messy. Just say no to WD40’s.

Easy Trick

Once you’re done with applying silicone remover or any cleaner find the loose ends. Find the place where silicone has loose ends. Once you find it, hold the loose end of the silicone and slowly but gradually peel the silicone layer off. After that, use any utility knife to scrape off the remaining leftovers of the silicone. Any seam you want to remove, just repeat the steps. Remember to take your time while doing this task, complete attention is necessary.