5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Hacks for A Long-Lasting Beautiful Rug

Rugs have become one of our most essential home décors; it can instantly change the ambient of a room and make it attractive!

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Carpets enhance not only the look of our home but also play an essential role in our house. However, even with the utmost care, carpet can get messy quickly; just a single drop of wine or a small particle of candy can give it a permanent stain. Today we are focusing on the easy carpet cleaning hacks that you can apply in your home at the drop of a hat. Here are the top tips and tricks to start the magic:

1. Blotting Instead of Rubbing

Whenever you see a spill or stain on the carpet, resist your urge to rub it instantly. If you start rubbing the carpet to clean it, then the stain will go deeper into the rug. So instead of rubbing, start dabbing the tint with a clean cloth, sponge, or paper towel. When you start blotting, make sure that you take a fresh cloth that does not have any stains in it, the second, bloat from the very outer portion of the stain, and then slowly move inwards and finally dab the center, this way, you can easily clean the stain.

2. Shaving Cream Technique

Believe it or not, the general shaving creams that are in our home is of the finest ways to clean any kind of stains. No matter whether you have spilled coffee or hot chocolate, with the help of shaving cream, you can easily clean any sorts of stains. When you are trying to instantly clear the stain, apply the shaving cream directly on it and then wait for around half an hour and let the cream set well on the carpet, blot it up with the help of a clean cloth. Finish the whole procedure by spraying 1:1 mix of water and vinegar on the area and then clean the area with a cloth.

3. Clear Wax with A Dry Iron

Often, we lit candles in our home to set our mood; but, sometimes, we end up with wax setting up in our carpet. To easily get rid of the hardened wax, reheating the wax is the best idea. When you have any hardened wax on your mat, place fresh linen and then use a warm, dry iron to cover the wax. This way, the wax will melt again, and it will absorb into the fresh piece of cloth. Afterward, use a butter knife and scrape off the remaining soft wax from your carpet.

4. Remove Gum by Freezing Them

One of the most prevalent causes of carpet stains is the sticking of chewing gum. We unknowingly step on the chewing gum on the street, and then it ends up on our carpet. However, the easiest way to remove the stained gum from your mattress is to freeze them. You need to get 4 to 6 ice cubes and press those cubes on the gum for a minute. When you see that the gum has frozen entirely, use any spoon or scissors to pull the gum from your mat. While removing the gum off the carpet, be cautious, make sure that it goes off smoothly without snatching the rug.

5. Clean the Blood Drops

The goriest stains of all time are the blood. Even if you cut your finger a little and some blood drop spills on your carpet, then it has the full potential to damage your whole rug. However, it does not mean that your carpet has stained for life. Hydrogen peroxide can be there for your help. Start the process with a solution of water and mild detergent; use them on the stain and remove the dried blood as much as possible. Then scrape off the remaining blood from the carpet with the help of a knife. After finishing these two procedures, continue with the last major process, applying hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. After waiting some time, blot the reaming blood with white tissue or cloth.

Pro Tip (Regular Deep Cleaning)

The best way to keep your carpet look fresh and shiny is to deep clean it regularly. Deep cleaning usually required steam cleaner and professional cleaning solutions. Often the experts use the water-jet nozzles to clean the carpet from inside out. You can do deep cleaning by yourself, or if you are searching for a much more professional-grade shiny carpet cleaning servicing, then you can contact the best carpet cleaner near you.

Carpets are very near to us; along with adding the warmth in the house, they also add a layer of softness in our flooring. Rugs mainly do not require heavy maintenance; however, even with our earnest efforts, our valuable rugs catch the dirt and stains. We believe that this post will provide you the best tricks and trips that can help you to keep your carpet clean and beautiful for a long time.