A Healthy Carpet Makes a Healthy Home!

Keep your carpets clean to ensure you have a clean and healthy home. Here’s how!

We are sure you love to visit the furnishing department of every d-store, and absolutely fall in love with a pretty, thread work carpet. Already imagining it in your living room? But the thought of cleaning it makes you stay away? Well, not to fret anymore, as we are here to tell you about something amazing and effective in just the next few minutes.

We all love to see a clean, pretty carpet when we visit someone, and that’s the same with the guests visiting us. A good, clean carpet can also affect the health and quality of lives of the people living as well as the people visiting. But irrespective having said so much, we all know cleaning carpets is no child’s work. It’s even more than adults work to be honest!

Even after a quick go-over with the vacuum before your guests pop in, carpet stains are all out there making their presence felt. Thus, the best way to handle difficult carpet stains and make your home look and feel new again, you can get yourself a carpet steam cleaner and see the magic for yourself.

Why is Steam Cleaning the Best Way to Clean Your Carpets?

Cleaning your carpets like a pro will pay you off; and believe us, with this machine in hand, it won’t be such a laborious deal. Go over some prep work such as vacuuming it a bit beforehand so the steam cleaning becomes easier. Remember, it’s not a race, take your time, read the instructions carefully and voila! You will have a clean carpet in no time.  Also, your family members will be super gushed about it and your clean carpets will match your home’s decorating! And it’s much better than dry cleaning. Isn’t that giving enough reasons?

  • It’s of absolute valid reason that carpet manufacturers recommend their customers to clean their carpets using the steam cleaning method as these cleaners use hot water extraction system which along with removing the dirt and debris, also removes the cleaning residue left behind.
  •  This type of carpet cleaners using the steam technology is the most effective method to clean your carpet by removing all types of bacteria, fungus, and harm imparting tobacco residues, dust, allergens as well as dirt and debris.
  • Also, along with removing all of the above, steam cleaners also remove the cleaning residue which in turn extends the lifetime of your carpets. As cleaning residue mixed with debris is a potential threat to your favourite carpets breaking down its fibres.

You need more proof as to why steam cleaning wins the battle over dry cleaning? Well, let’s educate you a bit further!

Why Steam Clean, and Not Dry Clean Carpets?

Actually, on a serious note, dry cleaning carpets shouldn’t be called so; it should be given the name of damaging-your-carpets-forever cleaning!! There are three separate methods of dry cleaning and each one is worse than the next. Let’s give you an insight so that you understand the dangers to your carpet better.

  • The bonnet system of dry cleaning doesn’t even use a vacuum, so it’s practically impossible to clean the dirt and debris, and as obvious it may seem, there’s a huge amount of residue left on your beloved carpets
  • The Dry-compound system supposedly catches all the dirt but Mr. Dirt on our carpets rarely (read: never) attaches leaving behind a lot of residue damaging your carpets further.
  • The third method of using dry shampoo involves it being sprayed on the carpet, waiting for it to dry and then vacuuming it. Imagine the same being done to your hair, you will get the answer.

So, we see that as much cons the dry-cleaning method has, the steam cleaning has as much pro’s. With appropriate care and upkeep, the appearance and life of your carpets will go a long way making the entire look of the house being upgraded. And with these cleaners, maintenance of carpets become a piece of cake and let the compliments coming in about your proper housekeeping.