Learn how to remove gum from your carpet, wine stains, candle wax and more!

how to clean stains from carpet

Carpets can be one of the most important aspects of a room, the element that ties the room together. However, carpets are also the thing that gets dirty the easiest. Accidents can leave nasty stains behind, not to mention all the people who walk over them. If you want to keep them clean, here are some cleaning secrets from experts.

Get rid of chewing gum

If you get gum on your carpet it can be almost impossible to get it out. However, there is a way. Take some ice cubes from the freezer and place them next to the sticky gum until you freeze it. It should last about 30 seconds. Once the chewing gum is frozen it will be completely solid. Use a spoon to lift it up (you should not use your hands since you could melt it) and try to cut the strands next to the globs. It shouldn’t be noticeable since it is a small area.

Remove candle wax from you carpet

Candles are perfect if you want to create a romantic mood, but they can leave an ugly mark behind. If you dripped some wax on your carpet you shouldn’t worry. It is hard to get it out after it dried so you should heat it back up. In order to do that you have to use your iron with a cloth over it. Put the iron on the wax until it warms and you can scrape it off with a butter knife. After that put a paper towel over that spot and iron the paper. The wax will melt and it will get on the paper towel. Make sure to use white towels and not colored ones since heat can transfer the color on your carpet.

Clean wine and beer stains with club soda

Club soda can be very efficient but you have to learn how to use it properly. Put soda on a cloth and blot the stained area, do not rub it.

Another solution would be creating a mix with one part white vinegar and one part water and use a sprayer to spray it. Leave the solution to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes. After the time is up, use a clean sponge to soak the solution and the stain by pressing it gently on the carpet. Repeat this process until the carpet is clean once again. After the stain is removed use some warm water to rinse that area. Brush the carpet strands in the right direction.

In order to dry that spot you should place white paper towels on it. Use something heavy to weigh them down. This way, the dampness will be absorbed by the paper towels. It should take about one day until the carpet gets perfectly dry.

Shaving cream is a miracle solution

You probably wouldn’t expect shaving cream to be one of the best carpet cleaning solutions, but it is true. It can get out almost every kind of stain. All you have to do is apply shaving cream on the stained spot and leave it for about 30 minutes. After that use a white cloth to blot it away and finally use the water and vinegar solution to spray it. Wipe it away with a cloth. If that does not work you may have to try chem-dry since there are many services like carpet cleaning scottsdale that can do that for you.