Are your pipes clogged? Here is why you should consider snaking them!

Water is a very precious commodity. In other words, there can never be life without water. However, the majority of the homeowners don’t bother to maintain their pipes by snaking them. As long as there is water flowing through the pipes, they assume that all is well. Snaking is actually a cumbersome job and it can’t be done in a few minutes. In fact, it’s not one of those things that you can do in the evening after returning home from work. And maybe that’s why most homeowners prefer to hire experienced plumbers such as Absolute Airflow to do the job.

The other issue is that you must be ready to get your hands dirty.  During the snaking process, a thin, flexible piece of auger is inserted into the plumbing system. Due to its flexible design, the auger can reach all the edges of the plumbing, removing the accumulated stuff on its way. Snaking the pipes regularly helps in preventing the plumbing system from getting clogged by dirt, hair, grease or other debris. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are actually many things that can go wrong when you don’t snake your pipes. Let’s now dig deep into the benefits of snaking your plumbing system every few months.

Improved Flow of Water

Scum from dirty dishes and hair tends to accumulate inside drainage pipes with time. The resulting scum actually causes water to drain out of the sink and shower tub at the speed of a turtle. If you don’t act fast, the drainage eventually blocks completely making it difficult to use the sink when preparing meals. In such an instance, you might have to literally scoop out the water out of the sink or the tub, especially when you have an event in your home. This is because the increase in the number of users pushes the drainage pipes to handle water that’s beyond their capacity. But once the pipes have been snaked, water can flow at an improved speed because there are no barriers inside the pipes, meaning you can clean the dishes or prepare meals at a much faster pace.

Removes Unpleasant Odors

There are days you will experience an awful smell in your kitchen that doesn’t seem to go away even when you use an air freshener. Such an odor can really embarrass you when you have guests in the house. This is because it paints a bad image on your hygiene standards. It’s actually hard for visitors to believe that your home is clean when an unpleasant smell rocks their nostrils the moment they come close to the kitchen or the bathroom. In fact, the stench becomes worse with time. Such a smell is a clear indicator that there is sum inside the pipes. Snaking is the best solution for eliminating such stubborn odors. When the accumulated dirt is cleared out of the pipes, the odor goes away on its own because you have already removed the rotting filth.

Early Detection of Problems

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t realize when a problem is about to happen until it does. The problem of not inspecting your plumbing system is that issues will happen when you least expect them. When a plumbing professional snakes your pipes, they will not only remove the dirt, but also check for problems that are waiting to happen and alert you while there is still time to counter them. For instance, a plumber can notice minor cracks on the pipes. In addition to that, the plumber can know when a pipe is being worn out by corrosion and advise you accordingly. But when you don’t get regular snaking services, you will keep asking yourself why the pipes get broken in the middle of the night or why the toilet is draining on the lawn.

Saves you Money

Repairing damaged pipes can be an expensive affair. This is because you have to buy the fittings and still pay the plumber for connecting them. And depending on your state, you might have to obtain some papers from local authorities. Besides that, if the broken pipes cause floods of filthy water to flow inside your house, they will on the other hand cause your valuables such as electronics, furniture and clothes to be damaged. Replacing such items can actually give you a run for your money, especially when you have to buy them at a go. The other issue is that the scum and grease encourage the breeding of disease causing bacteria. And that’s not all. Leaking pipes usually trigger the accumulation of molds that can damage your interior walls.