Create a Clean and More Organized Garage With These Tips

Make your garage more organized and practical with this advice!

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When we think of garages, we usually think of dark and dirty places, where people tend to leave their useless stuff. Although garages can be a great aid when it comes to storage, this does not mean that you cannot keep them clean and organized. Here we will give you some advice on how to make your garage pleasing to the eye.

Garage Cabinets

For people who like to work with tools, the last thing they think about after a long day of work is to organize their tools in a proper way. This may be easily achieved by having special cabinets where all your stuff is kept. These cabinets are especially great for people who like DIY. There are also sites that let you customize these cabinets to your own liking, and a variety of affordable designs out of which you can choose the one that is best for you. You can have one part of the cabinet strictly for carpeting tools while another for your power tools and so on. If you have a big space, you can look to invest in more than one so that you can put all of the things from the garage inside them. These cabinets will bring a great look to your garage while making it look neat and if you match them with its surroundings, you will bring more style to the room. 

Have a Dedicated Place for Everything

Knowing where things go is a great way to keep your garage spotless. Every time that you need something, you take it and then leave it where you have taken it from. It would be advisable to group similar things, for example, you have your tools in one place while brooms and rakes in another. When you know where everything you need is, you will be very time-efficient and you won’t get into trouble of losing something. It could be helpful to write down your layout on a piece of paper, or even better on the computer. This way, you will be sure that you know where your things are.

Remove Clutter

One of the easiest ways of keeping your garage clean is to get rid of all the useless stuff that you have been storing for years. We all get caught in that trap of storing stuff that we might need some time in the future. Thus we are left with having old TVs and radios in our house which will only take place for something that is really needed. It is true that some of those items could be used in the future but we need to calculate which of those will really be of use to us when five years have passed. 

Clean It Regularly

If you do not clean your garage regularly, you could have a lot of trouble as time goes on. Maintaining your garage on a weekly basis is key to keeping it clean. Floors in these places are usually the worst to deal with especially if you had problems with your car leaking. If you let grease or oil rest too much on your floor, the air in your garage will not be pleasant and you will have more difficulty cleaning the place. Once every few days, you should dust the area and let fresh air in. We strongly suggest you set out two hours each week to clean the entire space; this way, you should not have any issues maintaining a clean environment.

Having Shelves

Building shelves is one of the most effective ways to get rid of large numbers of tools and other critical items. If your garage has a high ceiling, you can raise your items above the height of 2m (6.5ft) so that they don’t obstruct your movement. If you have these high shelves, you’ll also need a ladder to access the stuff you’ve stacked on them. We recommend that you create separate compartments for your belongings. You might, for example, have a compartment for gardening equipment and another for unused paint. You might also put the items you use most frequently on the lower shelves so you don’t have to stretch to grab them. Gardening equipment such as shovels, rakes, hoes, and other tools can be hung on a hook or simply nailed to the wall.

Taking care of your garage is similar to taking care of any other part of your home. You’ll need to be devoted and know a few tips for better space organization. We hope we were able to assist you in improving this aspect of your house.