Burnaby Air Conditioning Installation and AC Repair Service Company Maintenance Tips for Winter

You still need to maintain your air conditioning even in the winter – here’s how!

The benefits that air conditioners provide us during the summer are, for some, reasons enough to buy and install this system. Manufacturers realized that people were buying these devices en masse, and decided to upgrade them by introducing a heating mode. It means that you can also use these devices in winter when the temperatures are low. Only one click to the remote control switches cooling mode to heating mode when the temperature drops. Then the indoor appliance is in charge of warming up the room. But the outdoor unit will do most of the job. This part of the system is the one that needs to convert the air from cold to warm and heat the rooms.

However, even if you do not use your AC during the winter, it does not mean that you should forget about it until next summer. Professionals from Burnaby AC installation explain that regular AC maintenance is a must; it will only vary depending on whether the unit is running at low temperatures or not. If you prepare the air-conditioner, especially its outdoor part, for a cold in time, you will prevent potential breakdowns and costs. Due to humidity and substantial temperature differences between day and night, the outdoor unit can corrode. Also, heavy snowfall can physically damage your AC.

Clear the Area Around AC

The area around the outdoor AC unit should be clean and free of obstructions so that air can flow freely. Especially during the winter, when snow can entirely cover the condenser. Even if you don’t use the AC in winter, this doesn’t mean that you should let the leaves, dirt, and snow all over it. On the contrary, you should regularly inspect the entire house on cold days, including the cooling and heating system and AC unit. Remove snowdrifts, ice deposits, freezers, fallen leaves and broken branches, and anything else that could physically damage the condenser unit. Check our this article to find out how to remove snow and ice from outdoor unit.

If an outdoor AC unit is off during the winter, cover it when the temperatures are extremely low. If you do not have a condenser shelter, you can purchase specialized covers made of airproof material. Do not use plastic, nylon, or cardboard to cover the AC, and especially do not put anything heavy on the appliance itself, such as bricks or boards.

Clean the Unit from the Inside

The air conditioner is sucking the air, which cools/heats as it passes through the converter and filter. But besides filters, dirt and dust particles retain inside the condenser unit, on the fan and inverter. Before cold days, you have to clean the AC thoroughly. You can use some tips for essential air conditioner cleaning from this link. Remove all debris from the inside of the outdoor unit. Dust, dirt, and leaves can disturb and slow down the operation of the blower. If you heat the house with an AC unit in winter, it will not be able to warm the air. Unplug the appliance, open it, and remove the grill. Remove the blower and vacuum it. Do the same with the unit box. Use a soft brush vacuum attachment to collect dirt. Then wipe both condenser unit and fan with a slightly damp cloth to pick up the fine dust.

Change Air Filter

Filters in air conditioners have multiple uses. Among other things, they purify the air and collect dust, while in some models, these cleaners can destroy bacteria and eliminate odors from rooms. But every filter becomes dirty, as the dirt collects at an incredible speed. Before each winter, it is recommended to change the entire filtration system. Timely replacement of this part will preserve other system components, and will significantly improve the quality of the air inside your home.

Before the temperature drops, it is essential to prepare your home for the colder days. That reduces the chance of breakdowns and additional difficulties; you assume that, in winter, every problem is more challenging to solve due to the cold and snowfall. So, tuck the air conditioner in and wait for the winter without worry.

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