Key Checks to Make when Viewing a Property  

Are you on the lookout for a new home? Watch out for these things when viewing a property!

Photos By: Unsplash

It’s easy to get carried away on viewings as you begin to imagine yourself living in the space. But any property purchase represents a major commitment, so it’s important to do your due diligence before signing for the keys. You’ll want to have total confidence that the property is a sound investment, especially as prices boom. Demand continues to outstrip supply in the UK housing market – and the current inflation isn’t expected to dip until summer 2022. So how can you make sure you’ll be spending wisely and settling in the right place? Here are six key factors to investigate.


Does the property offer scope for you to put your own stamp on it? This could range from repainting a room or two and fitting in your current furniture seamlessly, to making major value-adding upgrades such as a loft conversion. The importance of this factor will depend on your priorities. How long do you envision yourself living there, and do you aim to sell for a profit?

Necessary Updates

Many properties have at least one or two drawbacks that are likely to require your immediate attention. Again the size of these tasks can vary, from small updates like investing in a mailbox, such as these here, to major structural repairs. Make sure to factor the cost of these updates into your moving budget.


Do you feel confident that the home you are buying is safe and secure? Check the solidity and locking mechanisms of doors and windows, as well as any outside gates and fences. If you’ll be parking any vehicles, assess the lighting and business of the street too.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important factor for potential buyers as we all become more aware of our environmental impact. An efficient home will come with cheaper energy bills too, so check the EPC rating and ask questions about the age and condition of the electrics and heating system.


It’s easy to overlook noise on a viewing, especially if you’re chatting to the estate agent or owner most of the time. If you can, try to find a moment of calm to listen out for noise in the surrounding street and beyond. Bear in mind that the time of day will make an impact as traffic ebbs and flows.

The Surrounding Area

What amenities are close by, such as supermarkets, schools and gyms? Will you rely on public transport links to commute or travel for leisure? It’s worth spending a little time exploring the surrounding area either before or after your viewing.
Location can have a huge impact on price, so it’s worth factoring this in if the property costs more or less than you might otherwise expect.

Moving home is bound to be stressful. But if you do your research and weigh up all the factors above and more, you could find yourself with a space to cherish for years ahead.