3 Signs You Have a Leaky Skylight and How to Fix It

Adding skylights to your house can be a home renovation project that provides financial benefits and increases your property’s value and beauty!

Homeowners trying to sell their homes, for instance, can benefit from installing Energy Star-qualified skylights that don’t leak. Skylights may make a property more appealing to potential homebuyers as they increase the amount of natural light let inside a home, which is a significant selling point for home-seekers.

Whether or not you’re selling your home, the addition of no-leak skylights can improve your home’s efficiency. The natural light skylights allow in the home can positively impact your mood and cut costs toward your energy bill. Fresh air skylights powered by solar energy, for instance, can enhance indoor airflow and air quality. Another perk of solar-powered skylights is that they, in addition to windows, blinds, doors, heaters, insulation products, installation costs, and more are eligible for federal tax credits through next year if they meet Energy Star standards. According to HomeAdvisor, surveyed homeowners reported paying around $1,600 the installation of solar skylights; on average, people spent between $959 and $2,340. Considering the price of these features and their benefits, homeowners need to make sure their skylights are in decent working order.

Damages such as leaks can cause serious problems such as mold, electrical issues, ruined framing, and more. For this reason, it’s best to check for any signs of skylight leaking, determine the causes of the leaks, and fix them. Homeowners that notice any of the three signs of a leaky skylight listed below should schedule for professional repairs sooner rather than later.

Your Skylight Has Cracks

Leaks and cracks often accompany each other. A skylight may typically incur leaks when large debris or other objects fall on it, or because of severe environmental conditions and weather such as a hail storm causing hail damage. Water can pass through a skylight that has cracks. Beware that cracks and leaks can start small, but they can ultimately become large enough to cover the window entirely.

There is Some Discoloration on the Skylight

Skylights can take on a yellow color, murky appearance, or general discoloration when they get older. However, discoloration on or around your skylight can also indicate water damage that results from leaks. Furthermore, homeowners may observe that the drywall around the skylight is bubbling. Such leak-associated problems can cause skylights to lose their efficiency, as light would only partially enter. A skylight that can’t fill the room with natural light needs replacing.

Moisture is Present

A moisture build-up can be a sign that a skylight has cracks in it. This issue may stem from improper sealing of the roof surrounding a skylight. Another cause for a leaky skylight and moisture build-up could be damage to the flashing—the flat metal covering that seals around a skylight. Leaks and moisture can ruin the metal used in flashings, while weather and temperature changes can cause expanding and contracting of the roof. Whether leaks in a skylight are due to ruined flashings, weather damage, poor installation, or the aging of the skylight and roof, they desperately need replacing. A skylight and roof repair project is a tall order that only a professional roofing contractor should complete. Leaving a roof replacement up to a roofing company—such as Metro City Roofing, a Colorado roofing company—can give you peace of mind that the roof project will be a great job and will solve your skylight problems.

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