5 Ways To Save Energy & Your Money

Sick and tired of unpredictable energy bills and oscillating rates that don’t make sense?

So is most of the rest of the world. Homeowners face an ongoing challenge when it comes to saving energy, especially when their household is home to many people. How do you dial back energy use in a house with many demands? Dishwashers, coffeemakers, space heaters, electric bbq smokers, massage devices, electric toothbrushes — the list of electronic devices in the average home has increased drastically since the 60’s. We can’t avoid using appliances in our everyday lives, but there are ways to save money in your busy household that will have a long term impact on your energy costs.

1. Replace your Water Heater with a Tankless Water Heater.

It’s in your best interest to invest in a tankless water heater — after all, it will save you space and help you cut down your energy bill. While traditional heaters are essentially large tanks that hold hot water, a tankless heater is a device that heats water on demand. You connect it directly to your water source, as the system is a water reservoir with an energy-efficient heating element inside. As water passes through the reservoir, the element quickly heats the water.

Tankless water heaters are so compact they can be installed and mounted on a wall, under the kitchen sink, or in the laundry room. An electric tankless water heater, for one, is much smaller than a conventional water heater. Many of these systems also include digital features and SMART technology that adjusts to your water usage.

There are so many different tankless water heater models on the market that you’re bound to find one that suits your unique needs — you just need to learn more about your options to identify the right system for your home!

2. Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances.

The US Dept of Energy outlines standards for energy-efficient products. These standards provide manufacturers with the standards for designing quality appliances and electrical devices that utilize energy (eg electricity, natural gas, propane) in the most efficient manner. Even with energy-efficient appliances operating in your home, it’s easy to waste energy. Failing to maintain your appliance, applying them to uses other than intended by the manufacturer, and overuse can render your energy-efficient product less effective.

Read through the user manual of your energy-efficient appliance or product to get the most out of its energy-saving features. Check for Energy Star approval ratings before you make a purchase and be sure the brand you invest in has a reputation for quality as well as safety.

3. Create an Exterior Green Wall with Draping Foliage.

Want an interesting way to save on energy and heating? In Japan, exterior green walls have already been employed to great effect. Draping vines, for example, can be used to cover any interior or exterior wall. The vine foliage with its broad green leaves deflects sunlight, which effectively reduces the temperature by as much as 10 degrees C.