How to Manage Water Use Better in Your Home

Water is a resource that we take for granted, but this should not happen. You need to be aware of the amount of water that you waste, and how you can improve the efficiency of water usage in your home!

Having this information helps you to make improvements that save you money and protect the environment. You may wonder why you have to worry about the amount of water you use, when it comes to protecting the planet. After all, around 71% of the planet is made up of water. However, around 97.5% of this water is in seas and oceans and is too salty to be used by humans. We are left with a very small amount of water to drink, wash with and cook with. It’s not just the environment that benefits if you reduce the amount of water that you use. The less water you use, the less money you need to spend on water bills. So, how can you make this happen?

Make Sure Taps are Turned off When Not in Use

This is an easy fix. How often are taps left running or dripping in your home? This may not seem important but if a tap drips just once every second for four hours, one gallon of water can be wasted. Turn taps of tightly after use and teach your kids to do the same.

Use Kettles Efficiently

Do you actually take notice of the markings on the side of your kettle which tell you how much water you need to boil for a certain number of cups? If the answer is no then you need to start. You should only ever boil the amount of water that you actually need. You should also never pour any excess water out of a kettle and down the sink. Use it for watering your plants instead.

Water your Lawn Efficiently

You should water your lawn deeply and less frequently. This helps the roots of the grass to get vital moisture more easily. It also means that you are making best use of the water you use. Remember to water your lawn early in the morning or in the evening, so that sunlight in the day does not dry up the moisture straight away.

Use Rainwater When you Can

Given the fact that there is limited supply of water for people to use, and the fact that you pay for any water that you do use, it makes sense to use rainwater when you can. It’s free to use and it’s easy to harvest. You can use a simple water butt to collect rainwater, or you can invest in a more complex rain harvesting system.

Fix Pipes in Your Home

Leaking pipes lead to high levels of water wastage in your home. They can also cause problems with damp which in turn can lead to mold forming. Fixing leaky pipes does not just preserve water, it also preserves the structural integrity of your home.

These tips to manage your water usage better can help you to save money. They can also help you to live a greener life, by reducing the strain that you cause to the world’s limited water supplies.