Should You Make Your Bed Every Morning?

Here is exactly why you should make your bed every morning!

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To answer this question in short, yes, you should make your bed every morning. But I guess you want a couple of reasons as to why, right? There are two kinds of people in the world; those that wake up and decide that making the bed is the first thing that they will do, and those that leave the quilt scrumpled up at the foot of the bed until they get back in it at night. I asked Joy Richards, Sleep Expert and avid-bed maker at Happy Beds, why she chooses to make her bed each day, and why we should follow in her footsteps:

  1. Start as You Mean to Go On

A former Navy Officer from America once said, “if you make your bed every morning, then you would have accomplished the first task of the day. By the end of the day, one task would have turned into many completed tasks.” I find that when I make my bed in the morning and let light in through the blinds, I suddenly feel as though I am prepared for my next daily milestone. It sounds stupid, but it definitely works.

Joy says:

“Rather than stumbling out of bed and straight to the coffee machine, make an effort to make your bed in the morning. It doesn’t take a lot of energy, but certainly takes some, and your body will feel much more awake once it is completed, preparing you for all of your daily tasks.”

  1. Created a Positive Mindset

I for one hate an untidy house and knowing something is out of place or not done stresses me out a little bit. Having a well-made bed can instantly make your bedroom look cleaner, make things easier to find and promotes a peaceful environment. If this doesn’t lower your stress levels, nothing will!

“I once read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubinv, and this above statement was proven in research that it presented. It actually said that making your bed in the morning leads to a happier lifestyle. I think this is what has made me recommend bed making to my clients so much!”

  1. The Perfect End to a Day

There is honestly nothing more satisfying, and Instagrammable, than a tidy bedroom and a bed that looks super comfortable. How often do you see unmade beds on Instagram? Never, that’s because it really isn’t aesthetically pleasing. A great tip for ensuring that your bed looks as though it was made for a 5* hotel is by using flat white sheets, rather than sheets with elasticated corners. This way, you’ll be able to stress the creases from the night before right out.

For more ways on how you can make your bedroom look like a 5* hotel, check out this blog post.

  1. Stops Allergies

This one is a little grosser… your skin shreds overnight and you’re often laying in your (and your partner’s if you share a bed) dead skin cells each night. If you share your bed with a pet, then think of all their hairs that are in the bed with you too. These can go on to cause allergies in the future. This doesn’t exactly scream comfort, does it?

“The amount of skin cells and pet hair found in a bed can be astonishing, even if you think your bed is pretty clean. Not only can this cause some allergies, but it can also lead to asthma. Make sure you give your sheets a shake each morning to get majority of the cells off!”

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