You’ve Been Cleaning Your Bathroom Wrong All Along – Check out these Common Mistakes

Who knew there was a specific way to clean your bath? You’ve been making these mistakes for years and haven’t even realized it.

Cleaning your bathroom is definitely not a fun, nor easy task to do. Who likes scrubbing the toilet and cleaning out hairs from the drainage? Every time we look to get the job done as fast as possible, but end up doing more bad than good. We’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes you are probably already guilty of doing right now.

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1. Using One Product for Everything

Don’t think a spray of Windex is all you need to clean your bathroom – every area needs it only specific product fit for the job. Glass cleaner may make thinks look shiny and pretty, but deep down it’s really not doing much. Use a tub-and-tile spray like Mr. Clean to deep clean germs and dirt, and save the Windex for your mirrors and windows.

 2. Putting Back a Wet Toilet Brush

After cleaning your toilet with the toilet brush, putting a soaking brush back into the holder is just asking for trouble. A breeding ground of germs and bacteria forms and is definitely not something you want to have in your home. Instead, place the brush across the toilet seat and allow all the water to drip down into the bowl and dry completely before putting it back.


3. Only Cleaning Obviously Dirty Parts

Even if some parts of your bathroom already look clean, there is no reason you shouldn’t freshen them up. Germs and bacteria can’t be seen so it’s important to get at every corner like your bathroom wall tiles, and not to mention that dirty grout! If dirty, discolored grout is a big culprit in your bathroom, consider installing PVC bathroom cladding. These bathroom panels are cheap to install, and will save you a lot of pain cleaning in the long run. 



4. Not Turning on the Fanpretty-bathroom1-e1376043706472

Keeping the fan running is one of the best ways to cut out the formation of mold and bacteria from growing in your bathroom. Before getting into the shower, turn it on and then leave it running for about 20 minutes after your are done. This way it will suck out the moisture and keep your bathroom nice and dry. You can also just open up the window and create a draft to dry up your space. 

contemporary-shower-curtains5. Keeping the Shower Curtain Open

An open bunched up shower curtain is a culprit for attracting mildew and mold. After showering make sure to pull the curtain closed so it can dry easier. If you noticed a cloudy build up on your curtain, toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with some towels and a little bit of bleach.

6. Skimping on Cleaning Little Details

The tiniest details in your bathroom can be the dirtiest like doorknobs, drawer pulls, and not to mention the toilet handle! Make sure to thoroughly disinfect and wipe down everything to make sure you aren’t spreading even more germs around your bath. 

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