Fixing all Things AC in Fort Worth, TX

Are you having troubles with your AC? Heres how you can fix it!

Photos By: Unsplash

It is HOT! It is so hot your shoes seem to be sticking to the road. At home, you turn on the a/c, but it just does not run like it used to. Your house is the only one in the entire residential area that can be used as a sauna. You consider calling for a/c services but start thinking you should tough it out! “The ancient man did just fine without cooled air,” you say to yourself. But your nights are restless and your days unpleasant… Before you reserve to suffer in the heavy silence of the summer heat in Fort Worth, TX, think about what else the ancient man did … The ancient man fixed things!

Fixing Things – Find The Right Guy

If the intro suddenly has you charged up to grab some tools and start fiddling with your a/c, I want to gently urge you to put the screwdriver down.

Residential a/c units are intricate, expensive pieces of hardware. Working on your a/c as an untrained individual might result in you losing any warranty or insurance you have on your unit. You might be willing to accept this, thinking that your repairs will solve all your problems. Chances are they won’t.

Rather contact one of the many ac repair services available in Fort Worth, TX, and let them take on the pressure of doing things right! But I get it, “at least let me do something,” … right? If you are now hell bound on tending to your a/c, tend to the following:

Cleaning and Keeping Clean

Anything works better when it is kept clean and maintained regularly. Dust and dirt will build up in corners and on surfaces naturally. Your a/c filters get dirty too.

The Fix?

Wipe down your residential air conditioning. Make sure that your air conditioning is not in use or powered when cleaning it. Do not take out screws or open the unit, leave this to professional a/c services, but clean what you can see. Periodically replacing your filters is also good maintenance! If you want to go the extra mile, tarp your a/c when not in use. This will keep it clean and protect it from the elements. 


Your a/c unit runs best when it is level on the ground. The weight of the unit needs to be distributed evenly to ensure that no parts are working too hard and that parts of the a/c unit are not taking stress they are not made for.

The Fix?

Level out the concrete slab or flooring the a/c unit is positioned on. You can prop up the slanting side of a concrete slab by filling up the area underneath with wood or gravel. If your a/c unit has been standing at an angle for some time, damage has most likely occurred, and it will be best to call in professional a/c services to have a look. 

Small fixes prevent big problems, and professionals are professionals for a reason.