What to Expect from Air Conditioning Repair Services

Is your AC giving your trouble? Here is what you can expect from an AC repair service!

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Calling residential air conditioning services to provide repair or replacement options is always a useful option. If you need a new AC unit – or just want to repair your existing unit so that it functions at peak performance again – then there is no better way to approach the problem than using a third-party contractor.

But what actually happens once you make an appointment and they come over to do the work? Being prepared for the process can help a lot, even if you are only getting minor amounts of work done.

Getting the Contractor

The basics of calling in an AC contractor are the same as any other contract work – they will arrive at the date and time that you agreed on and then clear the area of obstructions (if you have not already) so that they can start looking at your AC unit.

Most of the basics just involve them looking over the unit for any obvious signs of damage or anything that is out of place. Basic checks like this are important to find any obvious flaws that an untrained eye might completely miss.


In many cases, the contractor will clean out the unit to make sure that it is not being obstructed. Repairing a dirty or dusty unit is not pleasant, and the dirt or debris can also be a part of why it is not functioning correctly. It can also mean that air filters are blocked or contaminated.

Basic Repairs

Some repairs are simple – things that require standard parts or can be done with only a few adjustments of existing parts. While this might still require the contractor to go and gather up more components, these are usually things like a damaged fan blade or misplaced screws.

There are a lot of air conditioning repair tasks that can only take about twenty minutes at most, although they usually rely on the specialized knowledge and tools of an AC repair contractor. Just because something takes an expert less than half an hour to do does not mean it is easy.

In-Depth Checks

A large part of any repair work is identifying the areas where serious repairs might be needed. In many cases, an AC unit can look fine on the surface but have one major fault on the inside – either one that was part of the original design or something that happened due to long-term use.

Good AC repair services contractors are going to understand how each AC unit can suffer damage and what even the most basic crack or broken piece can result in. Something that looks minor on the surface can actually cause a huge amount of problems, especially if it puts the household at risk of health hazards.

Remember that each AC unit is different and that no two models are going to have the same basic shape or design. Without a good level of experience, opening up an AC unit will just present you with a lot of components and pieces that you do not understand – it takes an expert to know each problem can be solved.