How Can an Organized and Clean Workspace Helps Increase Productivity

Are you working at home? Here is how to get organized and increase productivity!

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Focusing and staying on-task in a home office is a significant, widespread problem that prevents many employees working at home from completing their workplace responsibilities. Working from home is a beneficial system that many employees see as the ideal work method–when it goes right. But unfortunately, we fill our homes with clutter and distractions that we enjoy after work hours, but which keep us off-task during the day.

There are simple methods for ignoring distractions and increasing your at-home productivity, with the most effective being maintaining a clean office with proper organization. With a clean workspace, you can keep your focus throughout the day and enjoy the benefits of working from home without losing productivity.

How a Clean Workspace Helps You Work Harder

Acccording to  Executive Cleaning Services, LLC, while having an organized work environment might not sound like much, it can improve your psychology and physical form during work hours. Specifically, there are three ways that staying organized can make your work life easier and more productive.

Puts You in a Productive Mindset

It’s natural to spot trash or desk clutter and want to remove or organize it. But unfortunately, that urge stays with you until you address the issue, creating a distracting mindset that prevents you from focusing on your work tasks. If you maintain a clean home office with everything in its proper place, no lingering chores will keep you from focusing on your job.

Helps You Save Time

Cluttered desks are worse than just distractions; they are a physical obstacle preventing us from completing tasks efficiently. If you’re in the middle of the workday and need to find an essential tool or document before you can continue, you might spend minutes, even hours, shuffling through piles of papers and desk amenities before you locate it. But having an organized work area with all vital workplace features in their appropriate place at all times will let you track them down as soon as you need them. That simple organization will save you time searching for the things you need.

Decreases The Need for Procrastination

Some people might feel distracted seeing unorganized papers or desk clutter, while others might develop stress from it. And when we’re working in our homes, near our favorite hobbies and time-wasters, it’s hard to resist coping with that stress with those time-wasters. You reduce the stress you might experience from building workplace clutter when you stay organized. And without anxiety holding you back, it will be easier to make it through the workday without rushing to your TV or favorite website.

Ways to Keep Your Work Environment Clean

Now that you know how a clean workspace increases your productivity, you might be wondering how you can maintain an orderly work environment from home. Even home offices that start clean can devolve into an unorganized, time-wasting headache if you don’t know the best ways to keep them clean. But with a few essential purchases and the right amount of dedication, you will prevent your office from falling into disarray.

Commit to a Cleaning Schedule

It’s not easy to motivate yourself to clean during the off-the-clock hours you would like to spend relaxing. However, desk clutter will build up if you do not maintain your workspace regularly, leading to the focus and stress issues of a messy workspace.

Building an office cleaning schedule and sticking to it lets you create an organized workspace and keep it that way. Of course, it’s natural for trash to pile up occasionally, even for tidy workers. But cleaning whatever clutter you have, whether it’s a lot or a little, at least once a week keeps it from decreasing your productivity.

Not every cleaning schedule will work for everyone. For example, some people might prefer to dedicate an hour to organizing their office one day a week, while others might choose to spend 10-15 minutes every day after work picking up their messes. Finding a system manageable for your cleaning preferences helps you build the motivation to stick with it.

Toss Out Waste and Relocate Distractions

Keeping materials you never use around will contribute to clutter and shorten the time before your office needs cleaning. That is why sitting down and deciding which supplies, decorations, and documents in your workspace are expendable is the most crucial step for maintaining a clean environment.

You will have more space and fewer distractions once you’ve removed all unnecessary items from your desk and office. And with the extras out of the way, you can begin organizing your workspace even further.

Once your office contains nothing but necessary items, place the ones you need every day near your desk and the ones you need less frequently out of sight. That way, the things you don’t immediately need will not distract you, and the ones you do will be within arm’s reach.

Invest in Proper Storage

Even if you perfectly arrange your desk tools and organize your documents in a neat pile, you won’t create an immaculate workspace until you have the right tools for the job.

Filing cabinets that allow you to keep your documents near your desk and ordered by priority are stellar organizational tools, but they are far from the only ones. Having bins to store your writing utensils, office supplies, and work equipment keeps them from piling up in your workspace and inhibiting focus.

Keep Your Papers Organized – Or Remove Them Entirely

Paper is the most significant source of clutter for at-home employees. Between the endless documents you need nearby just to make it through the day, you can lose control of your deck’s organization quickly.

Stacking your documents back in place at the end of the day is one solution to paper-based clutter, but it’s only temporary if you’re going to use them again the next day. However, there is a permanent solution to this common disorganization problem; ditching the paper for an entirely digital set-up.

Most industries have evolved to work entirely online. Embracing a similar mentality for your own work by taking notes and filling out forms in a text document rather than with a pen and paper keeps your space orderly. This will help you be more organized and keep a clean workspace free of clutter.