Air Conditioning and Heating HVAC Services: Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your air conditioning, here’s how to maintain it the proper way!

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One of the most important aspect of a home is the HVAC system. Homeowners are trying their best to maintain it because the cost of getting it repaired can be pricey. Also, finding a good contractor who will fix it on the time you want and within the budget you have might not be easy to find. For these reasons, taking proper care of them is crucial. Regular maintenance increases the life span of your machine. It also helps lower the overall energy consumptions so you end up spending less on electric bills. Luckily, there are several HVAC maintenance tips designed to help you keep your unit in shape. You can see this link for some information too With that said, here are some of the tips you need to look at to properly maintain your unit.

Check the Filter

Air filters filter out dust and dirt in the household and can get clogged easily if left unchecked. This may lead to system failure. The more people your HVAC system serves including pets the more often your filters get clogged. This is why you need to check your filters monthly and ensure to replace them every 30 to 90 days. Changing the filters often enhances the efficiency of the unit, reduces electric costs, and the chances of repairs too. On the other hand, it prevents AC filters from freezing and thawing if too dirty causing water damage. You can also opt for reusable filters to minimize replacement cost, but clean it often with soapy water.

Annual Professional Check-ups

This type of checkup is done annually by an HVAC technician on top of the regularly scheduled maintenance. The technician examines the various parts of the system and ensures that they are working properly. The inspection includes cleaning of the coils, checking the refrigerant level, cleaning the drain pipes, checking and replacing the air filters, and ensuring the fan is working accordingly. However, this kind of inspection varies from one technician to another. Getting your machine serviced by a professional means that all the gears will be inspected, cleaned, and repaired when need be. It also ensures the system does not break down unexpectedly when you need it the most.

Control the Thermostat

Controlling your thermostat is one of the most significant ways of cutting your heating expenses. In this case, a programmed thermostat will be the best option since you can adjust it to your home requirements. For instance, you can program it to automatically increase the room temperature during winter and lower it when it’s hot. A programmed thermostat is normally pre-programmed to suit a standard household, so you should look at the settings keenly and adjust them as per the temperature you need. If by any chance you notice that the thermostat does not work as programed, then it could be faulty. You can consider a speedy remedy to avoid high repair expenses on the entire HVAC components.

Schedule a Ductwork Inspection

Ducts are meant to enhance the quality of air flowing into your home. However, over time they may accumulate huge layers of dirt which may block the free-flow of conditioned air. This may burden and also reduce the longevity of your unit. Similarly, ducts can harbor several allergens like dust mites, dander, dust, and even pet hairs which could be a nuisance especially to those suffering from respiratory diseases. This is why duct inspection should be done annually to keep your system healthy and to enhance the equality of the indoor air.

Get a Smart AC Controller & Thermostat

Technology offers various apps like Google Home and Alexa which can be used to operate and control the AC. All you need is to connect the AC and the thermostat controller to the App. This smart controller can detect a problem in the HVAC for instance, if the temperature is not right or when there is poor quality air. Furthermore, unlike programmed thermostat, this smart controller can automatically activate and deactivate the system depending on the current needs.

Clean the Vents

Cleaning the vents regularly prevents dirt and dust from building up and blocking airflow. When air is blocked from flowing freely in and out of the HVAC system, it may cause the system to heat up which can damage the equipment. Cleaning the vents is an important task that should be carried out monthly to make sure that the airflow is not weak.

Clean the Outside Unit

This is one of the tips that most people tend to ignore. Cleaning up the inside of the unit is as important as cleaning the inside. This prevents dirt from covering the system which can weaken it with time. You can wash it off using a gentle garden hose and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. You can also do a weekly inspection of the unit to ensure that it is free from twigs, leaves, or cut back shrubs that are at least three feet tall.

Have a Maintenance Plan

Having a well-outlined maintenance plan ensures you service the unit promptly. You can do this by creating a remainder on your E-calendar or pin the schedule somewhere that you can easily access it. With this, you will never miss out on the advantages of having your machine services which include reduced maintenance cost. Click here to see a few more maintenance tips.


There are several straightforward reasons why HVAC maintenance is important. The main one being the elimination of the unnecessary cost of repair. Regular checkups guarantee you the continuous operation of your machines throughout the year. To make sure that everything is properly maintained, consider hiring a professional periodically to handle the inspection. Plus, incorporate smart devices to lessen the burden on your unit.