Roofing problems? Here are some ways you can fix them!

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It’s late. You’re at the office after hours working on a project that has an impossible deadline. Everything is quiet besides the humming from the air cooling units and cars driving by outside, and then you hear what can only be related to a horror movie scene. Slow, dripping water, coming from somewhere unknown to you, and yet sounding closer than it should. For some reason the drops seem to be getting quicker, dripping faster, and every scenario and situation you can think of or saw in a movie film flashes through your head. You jump up to hunt out the sound, looking at the ceilings, the walls, and the windows, yet nothing. You start picking up the pace as the noise gets louder, as you enter the canteen you see a steady stream of droplets raining down from the sunken plasterboarded ceiling. Now what? In a panic you shout for help knowing full well there is no-one in the building, and when the deathly silence responds your mind begins to race.

A Solution

After a makeshift water tank improvisation that you place under the now subtle waterfall, and a relay of trash cans waiting in line to be filled with water in the event the rain continues through the night, you rush to the foyer to find the company address book. Thankfully, you are friends with the receptionist so you know the book is carefully placed between the files and the folders on the second shelf. You run down the names to the roofing company and pray they have an emergency after-hour service. They do. You explain the situation and an engineer says he will be there within the hour.

What you can’t understand is why you are the one doing the check-ups and essentially crises management on what should ideally be a routinely checked area? Aren’t these tasks supposed to be done once a year if not more? An interesting article, which you can read here tells us how to go about preventing, and hopefully slowing down the signs of wear and tear when it comes to the exterior of a building. You are grateful you have managed to peruse over a decent amount of maintenance articles while commuting from home and work, and these somehow just saved the day (and the staff canteen), free lunch you ask?

Nevertheless, the job got called into the company who made a temporary solution till morning when there was more light to assess the damage and situation and to bring in more men to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Your boss thanked you for your extended service with a handshake and a lovely bottle of 20-year-old whiskey, let’s just say that evening was very relaxing indeed.

When to Call in the Professionals

Besides the scenario where you find yourself holding an umbrella over your head while standing under a rain cloud in the middle of the office, having a regular roofing company come in to do an inspection and assessment throughout the year helps prevent such sneaky surprises from occurring. There are visible exterior indicators that start to show that say it may be time to do a few touch-ups, replace a few panels or nuts and bolts, and consider alternative solutions. Some tips and opinions from those who have gone through similar situations can be read in this link, it may be the answers you have been looking for and could mean the difference between a good or bad decision at the end of the day.

Before the industry experts arrive you can talk a walk outside and look up to the roof, if you can’t go to the rooftop itself from inside the building, and make a note of what you can see. Signs of bubbling in the roof tiles or shingles, uneven placements, or mold growth are serious tell-tale indicators. Moisture will get in and algae growth can be toxic and hazardous in not dealt with as soon as possible, there could also be patches of missing tiles where rain enters freely, and who knows what surprise could be lurking under that section of the roof. Clogged drains and gutters affect the damage and deterioration too and should be cleaned regularly from leaves and fallen debris.

Services Offered

The main objective of hiring a roofing company to come in is for them to conduct a thorough inspection and say exactly everything that is damaged, needs replacing, and those that are on the way out but can hold for a little while longer. Yes, they replace and repair roof tiles and shingles, but added to that they clean gutters so that rainwater can flow freely and safely away from the building, and fix any leaks that spring up or have the potential to.

You want a company that, ideally, can do it all. This way you don’t need multiple firms coming in each with their agenda and methods of executing tasks. Companies such as Sky High Roofing Brisbane understand the scale of such projects can be overwhelming and expensive, thus with an open and communicative approach, you can feel safe knowing you are in capable hands. Professionals know how to do the job effectively and efficiently as much as you would love to hire Uncle Pat the caretaker who has been with the company since the day it was built, bless him. They have studied and trained for these types of situations, they have safety equipment and measurements in place, and know the risks involved. If it means hiring in a reputable and reliable company that has great customer reviews, then this is an investment worth spending money on. It may simply be a routine shingle replacement in one area, but rather that than not having a maintenance plan in place and end up with not only a big headache should it rain torrentially, but an invoice for the costs that could make you cry.

As the old saying goes, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry.’