What Can An Electrician Gold Coast Teach You?

The recent pandemic shook the entire world. Most of us didn’t know that utility bills could cost so much. Since most people were home the last few months, they experienced a surge in costs regarding electricity. It all makes sense!

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When we go to work, we don’t use the air conditioning nor the dishwashers and lights. If you stay at home all the time, you have to use all of these appliances. Quarantine wasn’t fun for anyone, but at least we had the Internet to cheer us up. Click here to read more. But here’s the good part. The Internet can also help you save money when it comes to electricity. There’s a new trend with smart homes where you connect all of your appliances, power cords, and lights to the web.

This means you can turn them on and off from anywhere in the world. Let’s say that you want to wake up to the fresh smell of coffee. By connecting your brewer online, you can set up a time for when you would like the coffee to be ready. That’s amazing. This also includes dimming lights and switches based on movement. You can set up your AC units to use less electricity. Just by switching to smarter alternatives, you can save more than fifteen percent on your utility bills. However, that’s not enough. Here are a few electrician tips on how to save more money during the year.

Turn off the AC and Turn on the Fan

This might be a surprise for a lot of people. Fans were modern a few decades ago. Why is someone trying to bring them back? Well, first of all, there are some new designs that look amazing. Secondly, they save a lot of money. By a lot, we mean 90 percent of the energy that a regular air conditioning unit uses. That’s huge. Air conditioners are amazing in their own way, but there are two sides to a coin. ACS breaks down easily, and you have to replace their filters often. That’s not convenient for the summer. Fans can make a 10-degree difference in less than a minute, and they only use ten percent of the electricity. This makes them the ideal solution for the summer. They also save your health. If you have an AC, you might want to crank it down to a cool temperature that’s drastically different from the outside. However, if you have to switch constantly between outside and inside, this is a disaster.

You might get heatstroke, or in a best-case scenario, a headache. If the air conditioning unit is wasting all of your money, don’t hesitate to get a fan. Follow this link for more info.

Smart LED Lights

LED lights are amazing, and they come in different colors. Also, they’re about ten times better than incandescent ones. They use 70 percent less energy, and they last twenty times more. Those are two perfectly sound reasons to switch if you still use incandescent ones. This is the future, and they can also be integrated with smart sensors. That’s especially important if you go behind your kids and turn off the lights after they leave the room. It’s a pain to get up every ten minutes and turn off the light that someone forgot in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Using these kinds of bulbs is going to feel like a lifesaver since you’ll finally have the time to relax. They’re the perfect addition for hallways and garages since those are the places where you just pass through. A garage is a great option because you just get into the car and leave to go to work. If you’re someone who loves to work in the garage, there’s the option to switch off the sensor. You can also call EJ Electrical electrician Gold Coast to make the option remote. When you finish working on a project, you can just turn the setting back, and it will keep on working as usual.


It might seem weird to find ovens on the list, but they waste a lot of electricity, and you can minimize it. The workings of a regular oven are quite simple. There’s a heater inside, as well as a thermometer and thermostat. You set the temperature with the thermostat, and then the heater starts to work. Let’s say that you put in 300 degrees. When the temperature reaches 300 degrees, the heater turns off. However, the laws of thermodynamics don’t allow it to stay that way for a longer period of time. All of that heat will start dissipating, and it will start cooling down.

If you plot out the temperature, it will look like a fading sinusoid. Eventually, everything will even out, but at that time, the meal would have already been cooked. For that reason, you can try turning off the thermostat a few minutes before you finish cooking. The heat will stay inside if you don’t open the door of the oven. If you open the door for a second, that can decrease the internal temperature by 30 degrees. The longer you keep it open, the more electricity is going to be wasted, reheating it. If you want to see how the food is doing, then just look through the glass. Also, if you’re preparing a single meal for your kids or just for yourself, then it’s much better to use a microwave or a toaster. The appliance is much smaller, and it’s going to save a few hundred dollars every year.

Use the Dishwasher Correctly

Most people don’t fill their dishwashers to their full capacity. This means that you’ll have to put in another load when you didn’t need to. Every year, dishwashers waste around 5000 gallons of water and a hundred dollars. No one likes losing money, so try to fill it up correctly. Put the plates at the bottom, the cups and glasses upside down, and the bowls go all the way at the top. If you have big pans or pots, they can be washed by hand to save you from paying for a full cycle.