Brisbane Asbestos Removal, QLD — Dangers of Accumulated Asbestos

Do you still have asbestos on your roof? Here is why you should remove it as soon as possible!

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Believe it or not, asbestos is the cause of the death of a lot of people back when it was broadly used in many places around the world during the 20th century, as mentioned in this article. Around 5,000 deaths per year are linked to asbestos exposure, and considering how it affects the body, it is to no surprise that even to this day, people are still suffering from past exposure to it.

Asbestos dust was publicly recognized as a long-term threat to health around 1970, which led to its prohibition. It was mostly used in construction and fireproofing materials by most countries, which was the reason most people affected by it are constructers. However, the health problems caused by asbestos can take years to show up, and that is the reason why, to this year, around 100,000 deads all around the world are linked to diseases related to its exposure.

It’s Presence in Today’s World

Still, you can still find remnants of this material all around the world. In Queensland, Brisbane, for example, you might still see it present in construction sites, abandoned buildings, factories, old-school buildings, among many other properties. The job of a professional asbestos removal company is necessary if the presence of this material is found in a building since a single breath of this dust can doom your health in the long run. Considering how old buildings tend to be even more dangerous because of the accumulated dust and the dangers of structural collapse, it is even more important to have professionals handle the situation. That is why you can find professional companies to deal with the work like how Irwin Asbestos management of asbestos removal is handled.

How Professionals Work

The most important thing a professional asbestos removal company needs to have is attention to small details, since believe it or not, the slightest exposure to dust can be dangerous for their employees. Professionals that deal with this type of job tend to be prepared with a suit that covers their whole body, while also wearing a mask that protects their lungs from inhaling the dust. This suit is also further covered with working boots and gloves, that are linked to the suit and covered in duct tape to completely isolate the body from the exterior. This tends to be more than enough, but some companies take it a little further by also providing their trucks or mobiles with protections, avoiding dust from sticking to them. This is frequently done with plastic that covers the area where they are going to place the material, which can be cleaned or thrown away after the job is done.

What a Professional Company Should Have

First and foremost, if you are in the need of a professional removal company, specially dedicated to removing asbestos, you should make sure that said company is fully licensed, and if possible, insured. Working with materials that are as dangerous as this one is truly dangerous, so a license is needed. Licenses are only provided to those who fulfill certain requirements and follow-up security measures and protocols properly. They also require gear and equipment to protect themselves and those surrounding them, and standards to follow up when dealing with certain situations.

Other Things to Consider

Another important part of hiring a company, regardless of the type of service provided, is the reputation of the company as well as its pricing. You want to make sure that you have the budget to hire them, but also, that they can provide a reasonable service. That is where their reputations come in handy: you can check the reputation of most companies online. Google Maps, for example, frequently provides the address of a company and grants them an online presence in which people can review their performance. If a service provider’s reputation online is good, that is a good sign. Still, remember to contact them and ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are hiring a service provider that suits your needs.

Getting Rid of Asbestos ASAP

When contacting a company that focuses on removing asbestos, depending on your circumstances, you might want to consider how long it will take to start the removal project. If the dust is an actual threat to your or your family’s health and you want it removed as soon as possible, make sure to hire a company that you know will work soon and fast, to protect anyone from dust exposure. If you are still wondering how bad is asbestos, let us cover some of the risks and diseases that are linked to its exposure.

The Risks

Most risks coming from exposure to dust are linked to lung complications. The most common complications include lung cancer, which is pretty like cancer caused by smoking. It might also cause mesothelioma, a type of lung and digestive tract cancer that is mostly fatal when it is diagnosed and might not be possible to recover from. You can also suffer from asbestosis, which is a form of lung scarring that greatly reduces its functionality. For people with previous lung problems, this can be a fatal condition. For more information related to the dangers of asbestos dust, you can visit here.

Doing It Yourself

Now, a lot of people might be attracted to the idea of doing the removal themselves. It is not impossible, but you have to understand the risks and take proper measurements. I would only recommend this if you:

  • Make sure to cover yourself with protective gear to the point of covering your skin and all areas of your body, including your eyes.
  • Make sure that the work is simple enough and will not require you to be exposed to the material for long periods of time.
  • Make sure that there are no dangers of structural collapse as well as dangers from furniture or other objects falling on you.
  • Make sure that the work will be done by you once you are fully protected. If there will be other people helping you, ensure that they will deal with the situation as well as you and that they will cover themselves with protective gear.
  • Make sure to use a mask to breathe properly in such an environment. Said masks require filtered cartridges. Other types of masks that can be used for said situations are N-100, P-100, or R-100.