How To Have An Awesome Yard That Will Make Everyone Jealous

Make your home’s yard look so beautiful that even your neighbours will envy you!

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No matter how nice a home appears inside and out, it won’t look great if the garden or yard is in a state of disrepair. Some people instinctively know how to create a good garden. They understand what to buy, and what styles and colors to choose. For most of us, however, a little help is in order. That’s what this article is all about. 

Ask the Professionals

Sometimes there’s no substitute for other peoples’ advice and experience. California has some very wealthy locations. They feature beautiful homes and yards, and exciting street parties. According to some landscape contractors in Pleasanton, CA, many people like to have their yards designed and created by professionals. They want their gardens to fit in with their homes and neighborhoods. There may be special considerations like making the yard pet and childproof, or being eco-friendly and conserving water. 

Declutter and Remove

Remove unwanted and unused items. Throw away what is broken, and if there is a lot, get it hauled away. Even leaves can make a yard look untidy. Whilst a few here and there are good for the garden, if there are too many it can invite decay, mold, and disease. Weeds are clutter too! They shouldn’t exist in a person’s garden. Tackle them in early spring to get a head start. If they are a particularly aggressive weed, they must be removed quickly before they take hold. 

Think About Light and Shade

For a yard to look bright, everything needs to be clean. You need pressure wash the house and apply a fresh coat of paint if the colors have become dull. There are many ways to gain shade from the heat of the sun. Trees and shrubs are a natural solution. Alternatively, spend some money on a gazebo or awning. If an area is too dark, plant white flowers and plants. Native bracken ferns can apply a pleasant splash of light to dark areas. 

Choose Good Garden Furniture

Don’t just fill a garden with trees, flowers, and shrubs. Provide a space to sit out and enjoy the sunshine. Decorative tables and chairs can add character to any yard. Some people buy second-hand benches for the garden. Those that have been previously used may need a bit of sprucing up, but they will look good in most gardens. Hammocks are great for resting and reading. Some folk install a summer house in their garden. This can create a shady area, or somewhere to enjoy the garden when the weather turns colder. It can also provide extra space for children to safely go and play. 

Boundaries are Important

Many people like their privacy while they relax in the yard. They may choose walls or plants to achieve this. It’s important to think about this in advance, however, as some people end up blocking out all the light in the process. Fences look best when they fit in with those used by the neighbors. If a boundary line needs to be enforced, a hedge can provide a natural alternative. Whilst it will need more maintenance than a fence, a firethorn hedge can look more natural. 

Provide Color

Why not feature shrubs in the front yard so that visitors will encounter nature as soon as they arrive? Evergreen plants will look rich and green no matter what time of the year it is. People can choose their plants based on how much gardening time they are prepared to spend. A real benefit of filling the area with flowers is the way it attracts birds and animals into the garden. A bird table or birdbath can also be used to encourage your feathered friends. Some people view moss on stones as an enemy to be removed. They may not like to see ivy on fences or climbing vines. Actually, these things can all contribute to the natural effect of someone’s garden. 

Consider Pruning and Fragrance

Do the pruning in winter and early spring. The time to do this for flowering shrubs depends on when they bloom. If this occurs in summer, perform the pruning in winter and before the new growth of spring. Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after the flowers have lost their color. A garden or yard may look great, but it will be even nicer if there is a beautiful fragrance in the air. That’s where such plants as vanilla-scented heliotrope or orange marigolds come into their own. These flowers give your property a fresh look and a dash of color into it.

This article has supplied some key things to think about. There are also such things as grass care and water features and ponds to consider. When it all comes together, there is nothing better than sitting outside with family and friends, enjoying the world around you. 

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