Best Exercises For A House Cleaning Workout That Keep You Fit

You can get exercise while cleaning your home, here’s how to do it!

If you’re missing your gym workout during the pandemic lock-in, there are lots of options to keep you in shape. Just look around you, and you’ll discover a ton of activities that will ensure you stay fit, drop pounds, and feel great. For most people, housework, and cleaning are simply boring chores that need to be finished as quickly as possible so that you can go back to doing what you need to or love to. Why not look at this drudgery from a whole new point of view? After all, it gets you moving, doesn’t it? So why not make the most of it and transform your house cleaning routine into a great gym-style workout? Possible? Absolutely! House Cleaning tasks are of a moderate intensity level. If they’re performed regularly, they can help you maintain a fitness routine that kills two birds with one stone – the bonus is that you have a sparkling clean house at the end of every session.

What’s The Best Home-Cleaning Workout?

House cleaning gives you a great combination of cardio, resistance training, flexibility and strength exercises, bending and stretching exercises, stability, and interval training. If you put on some of your favorite dance music, you can have a fun session with some dance-style aerobics. 

A thirty-minute cleaning session can burn up to 500 calories with the right combination of tasks. 

  1. Dusting:This is a great way to stretch and bend. You can reach up to get at the cobwebs, tops of windows, doors, and closets, and bend to tackle furniture, cabinets, and shelves. It also keeps your arms in shape, gives your wrists and ankles movement and flexibility. If you’re cleaning skirting or floorboards, you can squat on all fours and do a little yoga while sneaking in a bit of leg extension. This could burn up to 4 calories a minute.
  2. Mopping:Ditch the fancy standing mop and go for the old-fashioned squat style mopping. This not just gets your floors much cleaner but allows you to work out your legs, arms, hips, and back. A full squat is great for lower body strength and flexibility. You can take it to the next level by washing out the kitchen floor or patio, this time with a standing mop that allows you to try out some great ballet movements to your favorite music.
  3. Carrying Laundry:Take the stairs while carrying your laundry basket up and down, and you’ll burn off at least 2 to 3 calories per minute. Hold the load in front of your body to work out your upper body and shoulders. Try a lunge movement while going up to focus on your hamstring and gluteal muscles.
  4. Making Beds and Tidying Up:This is a great time to try out some side lunges, bends, and stretches. The occasional Warrior Pose in yoga helps you strengthen the abdomen, back, and legs. Bending down and straightening up several times while picking stuff off the floor gives you flexibility and balance.
  5. Dough kneading: is a great arm exercise and gives you soft bread as well. This is a great substitute for arm exercises without dumbbells, and you get to shape your upper arms, biceps, and forearms as well.
  6. Car Washing: is a great, comprehensive full-body cardio workout. It’s great for your upper body, and if you add some squats, leg extensions, and lunges while you tackle the wheels and interiors, stretches as you wipe down the roof, windows, and windshield, you could burn more than 100 calories in 30 minutes.

Check this out for house cleaning & ensure you give yourself enough time to complete the chores, keep the right tools, clean products, and equipment handy, and enjoy the experience.