What’s the Best Way to Deal With Mice in Your House?

Once you spot a mouse in your home, trapping and exterminating this household pest soars to the top of your priorities!

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Mice rarely, if ever, travel alone, meaning this lone mouse could indicate a nest of fellow mice thriving nearby. If you spot this disease-carrying pest, consider it a sign that your home is at risk of a severe infestation. When left untreated, these vermin can transmit hantavirus or Salmonella to humans through their excrement. Along with their disease-transmitting properties, mice can destroy clothing, munch on paper, and burrow into your food sources. Mice can send a chill down the spine of an unsuspecting homeowner and spread a sense of unease throughout our body as they creepily scurry across floors. Bid farewell to mice in your home using the following tips from Moxie Pest Control.

Locate Entry Points

Don’t set traps or bait before you find the mice entrance points. Devote special attention to basement foundations and pipe entry points while inspecting every square inch of your home. These entry points allow these rodents to gain access to your living spaces without your consent. If you set traps at random locations in the house, it won’t be as effective as setting them near entry points. If you hire a pest control company, they’ll utilize their insider knowledge to identify entry points with ease, so you don’t have to wander aimlessly around your home.

Seal the Holes

In the interest of pest prevention, you’ll need to seal up those entrance points as soon as possible, so mice can no longer infiltrate your home. The sealing process takes a few minutes to do and ensures that mice no longer gain entry into your living spaces. Sealing up holes is an essential step in the mouse extermination process, as it’ll prevent future infestations. While filling any gaps in your home’s windows, doors, or foundation, remember rodents can fit inside a quarter-size hole. Don’t leave any holes uncaulked for optimum prevention. Don’t forget that mice can and will gnaw their way through entrances than don’t meet the quarter-sized criteria. With this mind, a homeowner should seal up even the smallest cracks and crevices in their home’s exterior and interior. Because mice cannot eat through steel wool or caulk, these materials are best for mouse-prevention purposes.

Set Traps

The traditional mousetrap will suffice in your pest control strategy. Just dab a little peanut butter on its surface and spring the trap. People have trusted this mousetrap for generations, so there is no question that they’re extremely effective in catching mice. If you prefer more humane mouse extermination strategies, don’t worry, as several other alternatives exist. Glue mouse traps and no-touch, no-view mouse traps grab mice without brutally murdering the pest terrorizing your home. You can find mousetraps and other pesticide products at home improvement stores for under a few dollars each. These DIY methods are a quick and temporary solution to wandering pests but ultimately fail to rid your home of mice completely.

Clean Up The House

Mice prefer homes that are in disarray, so chores and house cleaning should be a top priority if you discover mice or are interested in preventing future infestations. Mice can sniff out even tiny morsels of crumbs embedded in your carpets or left behind on the countertops. To ward off these household pests, clean up the kitchen after every meal, scrub down floors, wipe down tables and other eating surfaces, and sanitize your stovetop. As an additional precaution, sweep and mop hard floors and vacuum carpets every evening. You should also store food in airtight containers and never leave pet food in a bowl all day long, as it can attract hungry pests looming in the dark corners of your home. While you’re cleaning, go ahead and sort through the closets and tackle those other projects you’ve put off. You’ll be glad that you did when your well-tidied home keeps your family healthy and happy while repelling mice and other pests from your home.

Know When to Call an Exterminator

Ask friends and neighbors for pest control company recommendations. Word-of-mouth yields high-quality insight. When it comes to pest control, you, as the homeowner, should be in control. Take into consideration that mice carry disease and can wreak havoc on your home’s structures in the blink of an eye, making them far more than a household nuisance. If the above treatments don’t provide satisfactory results, call professionals for effective, fast-acting extermination services. Request quotes, compare costs, and search for a reputable pest control company when you’re ready to take action against a mouse infestation in your home.


Because mice wander inside looking for food and shelter, use the tips above to kick rodents to the curb with these commercial-grade treatment services and DIY methods. With these tips-and-tricks, you can prevent a mouse infestation or resolve a current problem in your home. Due to their disease-transmitting and food-contaminating nature, mice are unwelcome guests that you can evict them with these pest control strategies.

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