Mosquitoes Ruining Your BBQ? Here’s How to Keep Them Away

BBQ this weekend? Mosquitoes might ruin it, here’s how to keep them away!

Photos By: Unsplash

The smell of ribs, chicken, and steak filtrates the air, and your guests become eager to taste the food charring on the grill! All your favorite music blares about the party as you sip on an ice-cold beer. Family and friends enjoy conversation and summer fun with one another during a classic summer backyard barbeque. Yet, year after year, however, mosquitos put a damper on the evening by gifting each attendee with a party favor of itchy and painful mosquito bites. Your guests came for ribs that fall off the bone, not a night packed full of itching and skin irritations. The following tips will help you ward mosquitos away from your home, so the BBQ doesn’t come to a screeching halt when mosquitos send you and your backyard BBQ attendees running inside the house.

Eliminate Standing Water From Your Property

Can we fill you in on a (not-so) little secret? Mosquitoes bite victims because they need blood to breed. Once they bite their victim, they lay eggs in standing water. Even a tablespoon of standing water on your property can attract mosquitoes to the BBQ. Check for standing water near the HVAC condenser or AC unit, inside flower pots, and other conspicuous spots. Moxie Pest Control urges you to inspect the property immediately. To keep your backyard BBQ pest-free, remove standing water from all sources as soon as possible. That way, these airborne pests won’t flock to your property in search of their next prey.

Spray Garlic on Your Plants

Vampires aren’t the only blood-sucking enemies that dislike garlic. Garlic is known to repel these household pests and keep your guests mosquito-bite-free. For best results, mix a garlic solution to spray on the plants to ward off potential attackers. Unlike other harsh chemical-based pesticides, garlic doesn’t kill any of the bugs that benefit your plants, but it still manages to avert annoying pests away, including mosquitoes.

Mosquito-Repelling Plant Types

Some plants repel mosquitoes (and other pests) from your backyard BBQ location. Plant a few pest-repelling plants to reduce the occurrence of mosquitoes swarms that can ruin your BBQ run. A few plant types that can ward off mosquitos and can help keep your party pest-free are:

– Citronella

– Bee Balm

– Lavender

– Lemongrass

– Basil

– Catnip

While you’ll need to devote the time and energy necessary to plant and care for these plant types, gardening provides a fun pastime for all ages. With the right plants, you can keep your property mosquito-free. Consider growing one of the above plants or combining the pest-averting properties of several of the plants mentioned above.

Apply Mosquito Repellent

Don’t be shy when it’s time to apply mosquito repellent to your body. Generously apply a DEET-based (or alternative pesticide) repellent to your skin before heading outside for the BBQ. This thin layer of bug spray resting on your skin should keep mosquitos away. Although, be sure to reapply every couple of hours to ensure you aren’t featured on the next mosquito meal plan.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are an easy way to repel mosquitoes without the chemical fumes of harsh mosquito repellants. This type of candle is popular for outdoor events and can provide hours of mosquito protection. Buy candles online or from your favorite retailer. While prices can vary, most candles tend to cost less than $10 each. After lighting the candle to activate its mosquito-repelling properties, expect varying levels of success. Make sure a backup plan is available if the candles don’t meet your standards and don’t protect your BBQ attendees from unpleasant bites.

Rosemary and Sage

Much like mosquitoes dislike garlic’s smell, they also find the scent of rosemary and sage repulsive. For optimal effect, situate a few twigs of rosemary and sage on top of the charcoals on the grill. Not only will you avert mosquitos away from your home blanketed in the scent of rosemary, but you’ll enhance the taste of your food with the flavor of both spices.

Plan the BBQ at the Right Time

They say time is of the essence, which holds very true during a summer BBQ when mosquitoes threaten to ruin all the fun. Mosquitoes are like those uninvited guests who never leave but cause disarray from the second they arrive on the scene. Beat mosquitoes at their own game this summer. Pick a time when mosquitoes are less active to avoid the headaches they create during the BBQ. It takes a little strategic planning but is worth the effort when all is said and done. When coordinating your BBQ’s start time, note that mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn.

Professional Mosquito Control

When the above remedies don’t provide an added layer of protection, schedule a professional pest control service to effectively repel mosquitoes. These mosquito treatments are one of many treatments available for a relatively affordable cost. Once you schedule regular pest control services, professionals will come on-site with the skills, expertise, and treatment knowledge necessary to provide customers with outstanding results and pest-free homes. When you recruit pest control experts, you can enjoy a mosquito-free home all summer long. BBQs offer a great family activity for teens and large friend groups any time the weather permits. Plan a series of summer BBQs after professional pest control experts eradicate the mosquitoes feasting on your guests.