The Top 6 Minimalist Decorating Techniques

While home decor trends will come and go, certain styles like minimalism will always remain relevant!

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The minimalist decorating style will stay classic and iconic because it’s reflective of a specific type of person. When a person employs a minimalist decorating theme in their home, they’re usually looking for simplicity, tranquility, and peace in their surroundings. This might be a space of healing after a tough season, reflective of a new start they need, or an area of calm since the rest of their lifestyle is so hectic. Whatever the case is, you can use these tips to create a minimalist vibe in your home. 

1. Start with a Clean Slate 

Before you begin to decorate, it’s best to do a significant overhaul of your home. Declutter. Get rid of items that don’t serve you. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. You can donate, throw away, or recycle items. To create a minimalist look, you have to be intentional in decorating a clean home. If your furniture is bulky or you have a lot of books, papers, and random trinkets all over the house, it’s going to make your job almost impossible. Once you’ve decluttered and created a clean slate, you’re halfway there. 

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2. Use Neutral Colors 

When you’re creating a minimalist look for your home, it’s best to remember that a neutral color palette is synonymous with this style. Even with a neutral color palette, there’s a range of hues you can use. You can choose to go the simplistic route of making everything black and white. Black rod iron, white walls, and stark white cabinetry are stunning nods to old French style. You can also create a neutral color palette that includes a range of brown hues. Purchase wooden furniture to bring out those natural tones of the paint colors you choose. Choose a variety of hues within the gray family. You still have freedom within a neutral palette. 

3. Incorporate Natural Light 

Allow natural light to flood every room in your home. Carefully select window shades that will allow you to achieve privacy when you need it, but still gain tons of sunlight when you desire it. When natural light illuminates a room with a minimalist theme, it acts as a part of the decor. Depending on how the room is decorated, the windows will serve as an extension to the outdoors. Choose light, airy curtains, blinds, or window treatments that perfectly fit the color scheme. 

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4. Add Textures 

There are plenty of ways to add texture. Use throw pillows and blankets that are made of thick, woven materials. Add an interesting bamboo rug as the centerpiece of a living room. If you’re doing renovations, consider gutting the current fireplace to create a stone-textured fireplace. Using textures like stone, concrete, and quartz in a renovation will provide a built-in texture for your home. 

5. Employ Paint 

Choose paint that falls in line with the neutral color scheme. However, get creative with the ways you incorporate paint. Instead of purchasing a large headboard, you can paint a headboard from one of the colors in your neutral color palette. Visually, it provides less bulk, and it adds to the simplistic look. 

6. Include Greenery 

Greenery can play a significant role in turning a regular house into a cozy home, whether it is through natural tones of paint, eco-focused household products, or actual living plants. However, you don’t want to turn your home into a total rainforest. You’ll lose the simple aesthetic. Instead, if you’re a plant lover, you can choose to add large indoor plants. Place one large plant in each room. It’s nice when you can find an indoor plant that has height. This will add some visual interest to the room. If you don’t want to do one large plant, you can opt to do a few smaller potted plants throughout the house. You can also choose to try a few succulents as they are low-maintenance yet stylish. 

As you use these tips to create your ideal home, remember to take things one step at a time. Just because a wooden bed might look great online doesn’t mean it’ll work in your home. Give yourself time and space to change your mind. As you organically and slowly build your decor to reflect your desires, you’ll be happiest with the long-term results.

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