Go Green – Here’s How to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly

Going green is easier than you think! Here’s how to make your garden at home natural and eco-friendly!

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There is no better time to plant a garden and make it eco-friendly than this summer! With the pandemic and panic taking over the world, producing your own food has never been more important. Here is how you can produce your own food but also make it natural without using any types of pesticides or chemicals. We promise you, it’s easier than you think!

Conserve Precious Rain Water

Water has become one of the world’s most precious assets, and it’s become pretty expensive as well! Next time it rains, do not let rainwater go to waste rather figure out a system that will conserve it. Installing butts on every rainwater downpipe that will guide water into oak barrels or plastic tubs is a great start. Consider installing an underground tank or well that will conserve water that can be used to water your garden. If you have a flower garden that needs tons of watering in the summer, you can also use rain water to feed your flowers. If you have Dutch tulips in your garden that need lots of watering, you should definitely want to consider conserving rain water. Whatever system you do implement, it will be a smart step forward into going green and saving the planet. 

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Consider Natural Pest Control

You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals on your garden, as there are so many natural ways to get rid of pests and disease. You can use strong jet water to knock off aphids, use copper slug rings for slug control, plant plants that ward off pests naturally such as lavender. So sit down, grab a drink, and do some research on natural pest control. You will be glad you did it, as there are many ways to ward off pests with things you may just already have in your kitchen cabinet!

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Encourage Wildlife to Do the Work For You

Slug-eating hedgehogs, worms, ladybugs, and birds are just some friendly animals waiting to do the job for you. Attract these animals with things that they like. For example, slug-eating hedgehogs and slowworms love logs and piles of leaves. Birds love food such as dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit. Consider making a bug hotel for ladybugs that will gladly do the job for you and in the meantime, will be beautiful to look at!

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Set up a Compost Pile

Homemade composts are easy to make and are very effective in recycling and feeding your garden, the natural way. You can save tons of money by simply recycling your waste and then using it as compost for your garden. You can add things such as: grass clippings, wood ash, vegetable peels, tea bags, egg boxes, leaves, shredded newspaper and cardboard to your compost pile. Then, let the worms do the work and in a few months time you should have some nice compost for your garden!

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If you are growing a garden this summer, consider following our easy green gardening tips. With a little bit of research, creativity, and effort, you can have an eco-friendly garden in just about no time!

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