Do You Want to Renovate Your Deck and Balcony? Use These Railing Ideas

The basic dream of every human is to own a house. Building one might take a lot of effort, but sometimes making the right choice is the biggest thing to do!

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If you are planning to renovate your balcony or deck but finding it difficult to make the decision then don’t worry, we have some railing ideas for you. You can look for a solution here.

Types of Railings

Wooden Railing

They are the most preferred kind of railing material because of their cost-effectiveness and finishing look. However, the biggest disadvantage of these types of railings is that they need to be refreshed and have a tendency to warp, and need a large amount of attention.

PVC and Vinyl Railing

They are the popular alternative of wooden railings and do not deform easily as wood does. However, they too have certain disadvantages like lack of varieties of colour and high maintenance to keep the railing clean.

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Personally, glass railing is my favourite. They provide you a very clear view of the area around you. However, if you want any kind of change, you can always plan and design balconies using tempered or acrylic glass along with aluminium, vinyl or wooden frame. These are quite expensive but compensate for the view they provide.

Concrete Railing

These railings are used for their durability and low maintenance. There can be many designs depending upon the creativity of the person. They are long-lasting but might fail some times to provide the desired look.

Metal or Aluminium Railing

They can be considered as one of the economic varieties of railing available in the market. They are strong, durable, lightweight, and can be moulded into varieties of forms to get the desired design. Along with metals like aluminium, alloys like stainless steel are also a wise choice. You can use cables to enhance the beauty of these railings.

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How to choose a Perfect Railing?

You cannot walk around and say, “Look, I want this railing!” You need to plan it according to your place. Following is a list of things you need to ponder over before finalizing a deck design –

  1. Think what kind of deck you want
  2. Look for the amount of space you need
  3. Make you exterior and interior designs complementary
  4. Look at your surrounding for inspiration

What to Look in a Railing?

Make sure you look for the following things before choosing a railing –

1. Material and blending

If you do not want a simple railing, go for blends like metal or alloys with cables, metals with glass, concrete, and metal.

2. Quality of material

The price might have importance to an extent but not more than life. Always look for strong and durable raw material.

3. Ease of instalment

You can get the complex railing fixed through experts, but if you do not want any external help, you can always opt for free fit range available in the market.

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