Making your Home a Smart Home – Here are some Considerations when It Comes to Bluetooth

Make your home a smart home, here are some things you need to know about bluetooth!

Reputation is everything in the trade show business. To build a name for yourself and solidify your spot as an innovative and unrivaled exhibit show designer, you must prove your worth to customers. This is why company reputation and portfolio is among the critical aspects prospective clients review when comparing trade show display and booth designers.

Reputable companies like ExpoMarketing boast several years of experience and consistency in delivering satisfactory quality designs each time. More importantly, they offer customized trade show displays and innovative designs tailored to your unique needs and target audience. Keeping in touch with existing and emerging trends is essential, considering how dynamic modern technology is. There are numerous highlights for those seeking to create unforgettable trade show relationships and brand experiences. Some of the considerations to make include:

a) Industry Experience

If there is anything that will reveal more about a trade show display designer, it is their industry experience. By default, long-serving businesses that have worked in the smart home industry deserve some credit for consistency. Providing services in the trade show industry for a couple of years takes streamlining and adaptation to the ever-changing market.

Some popular choices like ExpoMarketing have cemented their spot as a reliable designer experienced in creating memorable shows and designs. However, the number of years in business does not automatically qualify one to be the ultimate designer. You should ask these three questions to guide you to qualified booth design companies:

  • How many years have you been operating?
  • How many displays and booths do you design each year?
  • What is your average repeat business?
  • Who handles the design project, is it the same company?

b) References and Past Portfolio

If the designer cannot provide references and past clients who have outsourced their expertise, then you should continue looking. When you finally find one that can give actual references, take time to verify the references before signing any agreement. You can also request a portfolio of the past exhibition shows the designer has been part of, as well as their best innovations and designs. The portfolio demonstrates a picture of what the designer makes more often and can give you insights into whether they will meet your needs.

c) Project Timeline

You need a qualified designer who can provide high-quality trade show displays. More importantly, they should be able to meet the completion deadlines, especially if you are preparing for a trade show or brand exhibition event. You should interview prospect designers early enough to provide ample time for estimation and prototype creation.

d) Level of Customization

No design project is similar to another. If you are contracting third-party services to take care of your display designs, they better focus all efforts towards achieving your unique objectives. You need a team that understands the industry but also allows your business to create the most fitting displays and booths that will steal the showroom spotlight. Make sure the display is customized according to your vision.


There are numerous other minor aspects to review before settling for any particular trade show booth designer. Factors like price, customer service, quality guarantees, websites, and premise are all critical. It’s recommendable to start with renowned firms like ExpoMarketing, but you can compare several offers to make an informed choice. Make sure you plan your budget, outline your needs and expectations, and communicate all the relevant details with your designer.

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