4 Ways to Clean Your Drains

Having trouble cleaning your drains? Here are 4 ways to solve this problem!

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Does it take a long time for water to drain out of your sink or tub? Are you left with standing water after a shower or doing the dishes? This could mean that your drains are clogged. Your kitchen and bathroom drains can take a beating through daily use. Pieces of food, hair, and soap scum can easily build up in your pipes, making it hard for water to pass through. The good news is that most clogs can be dealt with in just a few minutes.

It’s important to note that drain clogs don’t just happen overnight. Most drains will slowly build up a clog and display a worsening drainage speed. When you first notice that your drains are not working as efficiently as they should, that’s the best time to take action.

If you have no experience dealing with home plumbing, you can call your local plumber. However, even the most inexperienced homeowner can generally care for a clogged drain with these DIY tips. Let’s take a closer look at a few easy ways to clean your drains. 


One of the most universally known tools to help you with your clogged drains is the plunger. There are two different plunger varieties; the cup and flange. The cup is generally used on normal drains, whereas the flange is primarily used on toilets. 

To unclog a drain or toilet, ensure that there is enough water in the bowl, sink, or tub to cover the drain and create a tight seal. Once your plunger is sealed, thrust it in a downward motion 10 to 20 times. See if the clog has let go. See bubbles or burping sounds when the clog is cleared. Allow the rest of the water to drain out of your area.

Drain Cleaning Tool

You can buy a drain cleaning tool at your local hardware store. They look like a long metal or plastic straw that has barbed edges. To clear your drain, you simply stick the rod down through your drain, swirl it around the edges and pull it back out. The hair or food matter that is stuck in your drain should be loosened up enough to allow the water to pass through the clog. 


A drain auger, also commonly called a drain snake, is a helpful tool for severe clogs that are too far down the pipes to reach with a standard drain tool. Use your drain snake by inserting it down into your pipes until you feel resistance. Then you spin the end of the snake so that it twists along the edges of your lines and dislodges your clog. Remove the snake and rinse it of any debris and rinse water down the drain to clear the rest of the blockage.

Natural Cleaning Solution

Your kitchen drain can be easily clogged with grease and food bits. A natural way to battle drain clogs is to mix a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Equal parts of soda and vinegar can be put down your drain where it will create a fizzing reaction and help to break up your clog. Once you add this natural solution, cover the drain overnight and pour hot water through the pipes in the morning. 

While there are many chemical drain cleaners on the market, homeowners should be wary of any harsh chemicals in their pipes. Some chemical solutions can cause damage to your pipes.

If you have a clog in your drain, try some of these easy tricks to unclog your pipes and allow water to flow freely through your home.