Say No to Chemicals – Here’s the Natural Way to Clean Your Home!

Find out how you can have a clean home while staying healthy and cleaning with natural products that will even save you money!

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A clean home is a healthy home, so the saying goes. But were you aware that your household cleaners and detergents contain chemicals that can harm your children? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t aware. Marketing tells you that products are safe for everyone to use, and they are, to a degree.

Overusing Chemical Cleaners is Bad for your Health!

Overuse of household chemicals leaves behind a residue on surfaces that people touch, and aerosol or misted cleaners send their chemicals into the air for people to breathe. While these chemicals aren’t outright harmful, they do build up in the body and can cause low-grade damage that lasts with someone for their entire life.

Switching to natural cleaners gets your family away from the harmful chemicals that are found in commercial cleaners. Instead of spraying phthalates and ammonia around your home, use vinegar, baking soda, and borax instead. You’ll find that all you need to get your home spotless is these three ingredients used in different combinations and measurements.

Try Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Borax

Baking soda has gentle abrasive qualities that lift stains and polish surfaces, while cleaning with vinegar is a weak acid that dissolves the stickiest of messes. Borax, known as sodium tetraborate or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring mineral that is also a gentle acid. It’s perfect for combining with washing soda and getting clothes as clean as regular detergent.

There are Easy Ways to Make a Change

Read the infographic below to learn more about how you can make your home safer with natural cleaners. Make the change, and get away from the chemical smell, residue, and dangers of commercial cleaners.


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