Five Life Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Stop wasting time cleaning and follow these live hacks that will keep your home looking tidy without constantly cleaning it!

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Cleaning your house and keeping it clean is different. Many people spend hours weekly sorting the mess and decluttering space. A disorganized home will make you feel disorganized and keep your productivity at stake. Following are some of the life hacks that play a crucial role in keeping your home spick and span without much effort.

Make Your Bed Every Day

It may seem unimportant, but making your bed defines your room. It takes only a couple of minutes, so you can be sure that it is not going to steal a significant amount of time from your busy routine. A made-up bed makes the room look cleaner by seventy per cent. It also has medical advantages. Cell debris or dead skin cells accumulate on the bed and can bring harm to the body. Making your bed will save you from any harmful insect that may be poisonous or cause inflammation on the epidermis. You can concentrate on your work as well. For example, if you work for a personal statement writing service, you can start your day with a clean home so that your mind stays clear and can produce better writings. At the end of a long and tiring day, you are completely exhausted and may not be in the position to clean up the mess. It is a blessing to come home to a squeaky clean home and snuggle in a warm and neat bed. Coming home to a clean and comfortable bed makes so much of a difference and may even light up your mood. Keep the surroundings classy and straightforward by decreasing the number of pillows and using duvets or washable covers. It is better to trim oversized sheets, so the cloth does not puddle up at the corners. If the sheet is almost twice the size of your bed, you can cut it in half and make two smaller, perfectly sized bedspreads. You can also use the extra material to make complimentary pillows. This will make your bed look cleaner and give your room a comfortable vibe.

Always Put Things Away

Whenever you use an article, keep it back in its original place after it serves the purpose. Keeping things in their proper place may initially feel time-consuming, but you will thank yourself in the long run. It automatically declutters your home, and you no longer have to spend hours cleaning up your apartment every week. Prioritize putting things in their place after use, and your home will always be presentable. You will also be able to entertain sudden guests that appear on short notice. When you maintain a clean house round the clock, you never get embarrassed if your friends or relatives show up at any time. This will boost your confidence and provide you with mental peace, and you will feel decluttered. Your productivity levels will rise, and you can come up with better results. This is especially helpful when you work from home. A clean environment makes you focus better on your work, and you produce creative essays online. On the other hand, messy and disarranged surroundings will keep your mind from functioning at its maximum capacity, and you will stay clueless and uncertain.

Deal With Paper Clutter Immediately

If you aim at keeping the house clean, you have to start by dealing with the paper clutter as soon as you see untidiness. Avoid piling up mails to read later as it will only add up to the mess. Keep other bills, school schedule sheets and paper related stuff in separate sections. Get rid of old worksheets, party invites and time tables that you are sure you will never be using again. Many people keep on piling unwanted paper clutter until it is flooding out of the drawer and then wonder about how to tidy their living space. This gives off a wrong impression. When you receive a mail, please do not throw it away on the counter to look at it later on. Read it right away or if you are running short of time, keep it in the drawer allocated to mails. Your kitchen counter will stay tidy, and later on, anyone in your family can have access to the mail as it is in its proper place. Allocate an especial drawer or cabinet to your paper clutter. It is best if you keep a follow-up box nearby to have access to the documents you need to address asap.


This rule may be hard to implement as it takes time to declutter. Decluttering demands effort, but always results in a clean home. If you feel that your home gets disorganized quickly, there is a high chance that you have unwanted furniture and cutlery at home. Sell the things you do not use, and you will see a remarkable difference in your home. Not only will your counters contain fewer items, but it will also drastically cut down the amount of time needed to clean. You no longer have to spend hours cleaning the kitchen worktop or the bathroom shelves. Removing furniture also reduces the cleaning time by almost fifty per cent, and it becomes easier to maintain a clean and tidy house. Encourage children to keep things on their designated spot after using them. This will make it so much easier to tidy up.

Do a fifteen-Minute Nightly Clean-up

If you have too much on your plate, do not worry as there is still a way out. What about dedicating as little as 15 minutes before going to bed every night, making it a family habit to spare fifteen minutes for cleaning. You may feel miserable while doing the chores alone, but when you indulge every member of the family, cleaning seems more like a game. Start a fifteen-minute timer and focus on the things that create a giant mess. Children, for example, may clean their rooms and wardrobe. You can look after the kitchen or fold laundry. This enables you to keep the house clean without putting in significant effort. If you don’t have enough time to complete college assignments due to cleaning, use the paper writing site.


There may be times when things do not go as planned, and it is entirely normal to let go for a little. In the end, remember to cut yourself some slack and take breaks to keep your mind healthy and happy.