7 Mistakes That Slow You Down When Cleaning Your House

When cleaning a home, we all want you to get chores done as fast as possible. You probably don’t want to spend your whole weekend cleaning your home. As soon as you get it done, you will have more time for your loved ones and other activities. Yet, some cleaning mistakes could inhibit your efforts and slow you down.

cleaning your home ideas slowing downPhoto: Home Pro Cleaning

1. Cleaning windows on sunny days

We all know you want to make your home look fabulous but don’t tackle the windows on sunny days. A day with a warm, bright sun is not the best time for cleaning. This is because heat makes your cleaner free from moisture before you manage to wipe it away. It will leave streaks, which means you will have to start afresh.

2. Sorting laundry when it doesn’t count

You might skip sorting laundry by color every now and then when you are in a hurry. But bear in mind that pre-sorting often save your time in the end. Many housewives find that sorting laundry “by person” can save a lot of time. This is especially true when the clothes are similar as regards to colors and fabrics. Be sure to separate knits from towels, as well as lint catchers from lint givers. you will spend a lot of time pulling out the fabrics of lint when washing them together.

3. Breaking “top to bottom rule”

Vacuuming could be a daunting task if you work it wrong. Follow the top to bottom rule and save your time. Clean the ceiling fan or dust the top shelf in the end. Otherwise, dirt will fall over the vacuumed carpet and you’ll have to do this annoying chore again.

4. Wash dishes twice

Many people rinse dishes at the sink before putting them in a dishwasher. You need to scrape all the food scraps instead of washing dishes by hand. Double washing does not get dishes cleaner, as most people think. Prewashing dishes will just waste your energy and time. Let the dishwasher wash your dishes away with one wash cycle only.

5. Instant scrubbing by a tile cleaner

Let a tile cleaner or spray tub works for a few minutes before you wipe it away. That will help them dissolve and soften stains, which saves your time for scrubbing. The less elbow grease, less time needed.

6. Cleaning pet hair by a lint roller

Many pet owners use a lint roller to clean up fur from the furniture and pick up dust to help your pets allergies. Wrong! While handy, a lint roller is not suitable for such a heavy-duty job. It’s better to use damp rubber gloves instead when you want to clear away a batch of pet hair.

7. Do not clean your cleaners

Don’t forget to clean your cleaners as well. Dirty mops and cloths don’t remove or pick up dirt well. The same goes for the vacuum cleaner with full bags. You will work longer and harder with such cleaning tools. That’s why you need to clean your cleaners after finishing work or when needed.

Cleaning is a tiresome and time-consuming process when you have to clean up a large house or have a lot of nicknacks making up your home’s interior decorating. Many homeowners have a limited time frame for cleaning. If you live in Mississauga or a surrounding region, consider hiring the home cleaning Mississauga. You will be able to enjoy a neat home through this service.