Pro Tips to Keep Your house Warm and Clean

Keep your home looking it’s cleanest with these easy cleaning tips and tricks!

Photos By: Freepik

Spring cleaning has a huge fan base but have you ever considered, deep cleaning your house before winters? Simple items like your upholstery, furnace, HVAC systems and your carpets etc. need special attention during the jolly season of the year. Thus, we are here with some pro tips to help you in this process. Whether you need some tips for effective upholstery cleaning or you want to declutter your nooks and corners, this brief guide will be your guiding light! Let’s begin.

Deep Upholstery Cleaning

People who invest a lot in their upholstery, definitely trust the pros to do the deep cleaning for them. However, you cannot ring in a professional every other week. They are usually hired on a monthly basis and you don’t really need an extensive pro deep clean every week. However, to keep the life of your furniture alive, you have to clean it yourself too.

The best way to keep your upholstery clean is to vacuum it. Furniture friendly vacuums are now easily accessible in the market. You can keep it at low settings and clean your upholstery. Another pro tip is to keep switching the cushion sides. Flip the side over every other week, so that only one side doesn’t experience the wear and tear of use. You can also clean it with a soft, dry brush.

Clean your Furnace to Stay Warm

The most essential equipment that requires deep cleaning during winters, is your furnace. A broken furnace will freeze you during the peak winter months. Thus, it is essential to clean your air filters before winters start. If the air filter is clean, debris wouldn’t block the passage and the furnace will function properly. It is recommended to contact a professional to clean your furnace deeply as they understand the tiny details of it and can manage it best. Also make sure that the area around the exhaust pipes is not blocked.


Similar to your upholstery; you have to clean your carpets as well. They soak in a lot of dirt and debris and require deep cleaning the most. Steaming your carpets at the end of each season is the best. However, daily vacuuming will help you further.

Don’t Forget the Dryer Vents

The dryer vents are easily forgotten during any season of cleaning. This is usually done by pros and they understand the corners and nooks where cleaning is needed. As the dryer vents are out of sight, they are easily out of mind too. If lint is collected in the vents, it can make the dryer perform poorly and can also be hazardous. Thus, cleaning it now and then is crucial.


Deep cleaning is the key to a brighter and tidier home. To keep your home feel like a home sweet home, make sure that you pay attention to deep cleaning and also hire professionals to do it for you, every 6 months.