4 Tips for Getting Pet Safe Furniture for your Home

Have pets in your home? Learn what types of furniture you should be buying to make cleaning easier and your pet more happier!

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One of the things you may love most about your day is having a beloved pet in your home. Studies show that 85 millionpeople own a pet in the United States. Pet ownership can help relieve stress and enable you to enjoy unconditional love in the process. The good news is there are many things you can do to ensure the furniture in your home withstands the wear and tear a pet can frequently give it. You may need to put a bit more effort into choosing the right types of furniture to place in your house, but this will pay off for you by lasting longer and looking its best despite your furry friends. Being aware of tips you can use to help you make the right furniture choices are sure to be helpful.

Tip #1: Consider wood

Choosing quality wood furniture like a  Thomasville dining room set is one way to avoid the damage pets can visit upon fabrics.

Wood is one material that can’t be ripped or have stains in it that could be caused at some point by your pet. This is a very durable material that is sure to stand the test of time and is typically preferred by many pet owners, as well.

Just another reason to choose wood is that it doesn’t show pet hair like many other types of materials you have to select from when it comes to your furniture.

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Tip #2: Choosing the fabric

When it comes to the living room furniture you need, such as a couch and chairs, you will want to take the time to select the best fabric type for this situation. These days you can choose from a larger selection of fabrics, such as microfiber or suede that are much more resistant to stains. This will allow your furniture to stay in better shape for the longest amount of time.

Another great choice when it comes to your living room furniture is leather. This is a strong and lasting material that is better at handling animals of all types that may be in your home.

Tip #3: Selecting the color

You may not think of the color of your pet has an impact on the furniture type you choose, but it does. For instance, if you have a cat that is white, you may want to select lighter colored furniture so that the hair from your pet isn’t as visible.

Working to match the color of your furniture with your pet may sound a bit extreme, but doing so can be a huge help to you over time. This is something you will want to take the right amount of time and effort to do.

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Tip #4: Think about the shape

If you have young pets that are much more active than older ones, you will want to think about the shape of the items you have in your home. Working to make your property as indestructible as possible should be high on your list of things to do if you have a pet that runs around a great deal.

Be sure to avoid getting end tables that have sharp ends to it because this could harm your pet when there is a great deal of activity. It’s a much better option for your pet to have items with rounded edges to avoid the possibility of an unwanted injury occurring.

You can enjoy a stylish home and the love of your pet at the same time when you make the effort to do so. Making a few wiser choices could be the key to having less to stress when it comes to your furniture and allowing you to spend more enjoyable time with your pet. You can make this happen and this could be one of the best investments of your time that you make. Having a pet you love dearly in your home is sure to help you feel loved and appreciated a great deal of the time!


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