How to Know When You Need Junk Removal

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Here are some signs that it’s time to hire a junk removal service.

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You Can’t Park in Your Garage

If your car is exposed to the elements while a bunch of junk sits cozy and warm in the garage, it’s time for a change. If it’s been a while since you had a usable garage, you might not even remember how lovely it is to always find your car clean, warm, and snow-free when you want to use it. Your car will last longer if it’s not exposed to the elements, too.

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Your Closets Are Overflowing

Studies have found that the average person wears only 20 percent of their clothing regularly, which means 80 percent of what’s in your closet could vanish without impacting your daily life. Imagine opening your closet door or dresser drawers and having 75 percent of that mess gone. If the mental picture makes you sigh with relief, imagine how much less stressful your life would be if that was your reality.

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Too Much Furniture

Do your rooms feel cluttered and small? You may have too much furniture. Look around and ask yourself how often you sit in each chair, use things from each shelf, or set something on each table. If you get rid of furniture and items you’re not using, your rooms will feel much more spacious and relaxing. Pick one room and move out everything you don’t use regularly; live with that for a week and move back in anything you miss. Look for a service like Humpback Junk Removal in Austin that offers free estimates and tries to take your things to a donation center rather than a landfill.

Dusty Collections

Many people find that they’ve acquired a collection of mismatched shelving to store books and knickknacks that they rarely touch. It’s not necessary to display everything you’ve ever collected, even if you love it. Box up the things you feel strongly about keeping and make room for them in a closet. Then, let a junk removal service take away the rest, along with all that extra shelving.

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You Pay For Storage

Financial experts consider storage units a complete waste of money for most people. In most cases, people only need a storage unit because they are procrastinating. Some have inherited a relative’s possessions, or they joined households with another adult, and haven’t sorted through everything yet. Others simply have a hard time letting go of things they no longer need or use. Eliminating that bill and that responsibility by calling a junk removal service will feel tremendously freeing.

If you recognize any of these situations in your life, getting rid of extra junk will make your home — and your life — feel more relaxing and spacious. Call a service and schedule a consultation today, and give yourself that gift.