5 Easy DIY Projects Moms Can Do to Spurce Up Their Front Yards

Photo: Clipzine

Make your front yard come to life with some of our easy projects you can do over the weekend!

People often worry about decorating their homes to make a good first impression. Somehow, they often forget that their guests see their front yards before anything else. Instead of having a dull yard, try these five DIY projects to spruce it up.

Hang Birdhouses

Photo: Glitzhome
Photo: Glitzhome

You can make a birdhouse out of practically anything, including natural items, such as twigs and gourds, or things you collect, such as old wine corks and Popsicle sticks. As long as it gives them a dry place to live, the birds won’t mind.

Hang the birdhouses strategically from tree branches to add color and movement to your yard. Each bird species has its own preference, so choose a design that will attract the types of birds you love.

Plant a Small Garden

Peink and White petunias on the flower bed along with the grass
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You don’t need a radioactively green thumb to make an attractive garden in your front yard. You just need to know which plants can survive without much attention. Some self-reliant plants you might want to put in your garden include the following:

  • Wave petunias
  • Knockout roses
  • Impatiens
  • Daylilies

These flowers don’t care whether you go on vacation for two weeks without asking a neighbor to water them. When you get back, they’ll look just as fabulous as when you left. That makes them perfect for busy moms who have better things to do than always be hauling compost to the front yard.

Decorate Your Mailbox

Photo: Clipzine
Photo: Clipzine

Everyone has a mailbox, but most mailboxes look the same. Set your front yard apart by decorating your mailbox each season. It doesn’t take much time or money to turn your boring mailbox into a celebration. Try sprucing up your mailbox for the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Independence Day

You can base your mailbox theme on any holiday or season — you just need some basic materials and an hour or so. It’s one of the easiest ways to set your yard apart from your neighbors’ yard.

Add a Water Feature

Photo: Indulgy.com
Photo: Indulgy.com

Adding a water feature to your front yard can take a lot of work, so if you’re the kind of person who wants an elaborate waterfall, you might want to think about hiring a professional to do the job for you. A basic water feature, however, is easy to install. A small pond, for instance, only requires a little digging. Fill it with water lilies and fairy moss to add a splash of color. You can also install an attractive fountain that will keep the water circulating.

Plant an Ornamental Tree

pink tree landscaping ideas
Photo: Aqwerta.livejournal.com

It doesn’t matter how big or small your front yard is — you almost always have room for an ornamental tree. Popular trees worth considering include the following:

  • Dogwood
  • Redbud
  • Saucer magnolia
  • Serviceberry

Before you commit to a tree, make sure you research a few options. You’ll need to choose one that can live in your hardiness zone. You should also consider how much sunlight and water the tree requires. If you need help, talk to an arborist in your area. A professional can steer you toward a species that will thrive in your yard.

When you choose a DIY project that sounds fun to you, you’ve taken the first step toward making your front yard more attractive. Start today!


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