4 Surprising Ways to Save Space in Your Home

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It’s not that you have too much stuff, the problem is your don’t have enough storage space! Here are some ways to organize your belongings and save space in your home.

Most people don’t think they have too many possessions; they just assume they lack storage space. From photo albums to kitchen appliances and holiday decorations, it’s difficult to find adequate storage that leaves your belongings easily accessible. Try these four tips for wrangling your stuff without having to build a storage shed in the backyard.

Set Up Vertical Storage in the Kitchen

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If you’re struggling to find places to store all your kitchen appliances, tools, and pans, consider taking the vertical approach. If you have an island or some extra space above your stove, a hanging rack can hold many of your cooking vessels and utensils. Look for larger models that have 10 to 15 hooks if you love to cook and bake.

In addition to providing storage space, hanging racks make cooking easier. You will never have to dig through a drawer for a wayward utensil or remove five different pans from a cupboard until you find the right one.

Look for Furniture with Hidden Compartments

Photo: Mylistoflists.com
Photo: Mylistoflists.com

Many homeowners buy furniture with built-in storage where they can keep extra sets of sheets, the kids’ games or toys, and essentials like toilet paper out of sight from visitors. In the den, look for a coffee table or ottoman with a hollow space inside so you can store DVDs, throw pillows, remote controls, or blankets. In the bedroom, shop for beds with drawers underneath where you can keep extra sheets and towels. With the right furniture, you can eliminate the need for a linen closet.

Use Christmas Lights All Year

Photo: Theprojecttable.blogspot.hr
Photo: Theprojecttable.blogspot.hr

There are two types of people who have Christmas lights up in July: those who forgot to take them down after the holidays and those who utilize them all year as light sources. At Christmas Lights Etc, you’ll find multi-colored LEDs that look festive no matter the season. You could also opt for white or yellow Christmas lights to set the mood, then use other decorations to celebrate the holiday.

Not only does this save you the time and energy of having to untangle, hang and remove your Christmas lights every year, but it also keeps the lights out of the closet and opens up your storage space for more important items.

Hang Your Jewelry As Artwork

Photo: Bloglovin'
Photo: Bloglovin’

Instead of keeping your jewelry tucked into a draw or stored in various boxes, consider buying a hanging rack to display it or installing a series of hooks or inexpensive clothes hangers on the walls to showcase it. If you have a collection of costume jewelry in bright colors, your favorite pieces become artwork and decor for your bedroom and bathroom. It’s an inexpensive way to illustrate your personality and aesthetic preferences. You don’t have to hang every piece, however, and you might want to find a safer storage solution for more expensive pieces.

You can easily create more space and storage opportunities in your home if you get creative in each of your rooms. When organization meets creativity, your home design will thrive, and you might find yourself with more space than you need.

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